The first cross-chain DEX on Arweave – Permaswap has released its official website and whitepaper

Permaswap, an Omnipresent 100% Permanent and 0% slippage Peer-to-peer exchange built on Arweave announce the launch of its official website and white paper. This DEX is the first community project incubated by everFinance based on the everPay real-time financial protocol.

Permaswap’s primary goal is to provide decentralized exchange service for the Arweave ecosystem and activate the liquidity of Arweave’s native assets, which will fill a gap within the Arweave ecosystem. Permaswap Network is a fully decentralized P2P network. Any individual or institution can deploy a program to provide liquidity to the network. Traders can trade on Permaswap with no gas fee without experiencing MEV issues. Meanwhile, it supports multiple AMM algorithms that allow LPs to adjust their market-making strategies more flexibly to protect their profit.

The above features are based on everPay’s protocol, a multi-chain Layer 0 financial infrastructure. Using everPay to pay for Permaswap transactions makes Permaswap a real-time, low transaction fee and cross-chain decentralized trading network. To ensure security and decentralization, everPay will be upgraded with an Arweave wallet multi-signature solution provided by Safeheron. The multi-signature keys will be generated entirely through TEE, guaranteeing the security and privacy of keys. In addition, Permaswap’s official website will be decentralized through the 4EVERLAND hosting service.

outprog, the founder and CEO of everFinance, said,

Permaswap is an engineering innovation to refactor AMM. Inspired by Arweave’s SmartWeave, we’ve proposed the SCP theory. By exploring SCP, we’re certain that the approach to building decentralized applications is not limited to the on-chain VM model and that the future of Dapp development will be diverse. The Permaswap Network will prove with a new architecture that decentralization should break the impossible triangle and provide users with a perfect experience.

Permaswap’s whitepaper represents the process of development that has four phases: Precursor, Forerunner (Mainnet Launch), Prophet, and Flood. The first phase, expected to open within two months, will allow NFT holders of previous everPay NFT auctions to participate in the initial Permaswap liquidity mining.

For more details about the DEX and the token distribution information, please visit:

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