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Sarcophagus DAO Initiates User Incentive Distribution Voting for V2 Testnet Participants

The time has arrived for the Sarcophagus DAO community to vote on the distribution of incentives to the participants who were part of the V2 testing phase of the Sarcophagus DAO Dead Man's Switch Protocol on Arweave.

As announced on Twitter, the vote, which will run for a total of five days, aims to allocate funds to a claim contract for eligible testnet users who took part in the testing phase. Upon the vote's successful conclusion, funds will be deposited into the contract, allowing qualifying users to claim their rewards. The same contract will also serve as the channel to distribute the bonding incentives for node operators from the Node Network Kickstart Plan.

Detailed Proposal Outline

The Sarcophagus V2 Testnet User Incentive Distribution Proposal aims to determine the final number of $SARCO tokens each participating address will receive as an incentive.

The testing was split into two tiers: Tier 1 and Tier 2. The token allocation was done according to the specific tasks undertaken, with each tier receiving a different amount. The node operators, in addition to their rewards from their 1000 $SARCO Node Network Kickstart Plan incentive, are also eligible to receive incentives earned from testing.

Upon successful completion of the steps and receiving the necessary feedback, it was established that 497 addresses qualified for Tier 1 and 4,651 for Tier 2. Each participant in Tier 2 is slated to receive 300 $SARCO, while those in Tier 1 will receive 100 $SARCO.

The total funding required for these incentives stands at 1,445,000 $SARCO, computed from 1,395,300 $SARCO (Tier 2) and 49,700 $SARCO (Tier 1). This amount is just under 75% of the total allotted budget of 2 million $SARCO, thus allowing the possibility of further user incentives for users when mainnet kicks in.

At the time of writing, the $SARCO token is valued at $0.096156.

Distribution Method and Claiming Timeline

The 1,445,000 $SARCO fund will be transferred to the Ambassador subDAO and subsequently be combined with the node bonding incentive allotment and deposited into a Uniswap Merkle claim contract. All qualified addresses will be whitelisted and can claim their respective amounts based on the tier of task completion.

Participants can claim their incentives until June 14, 2025. After this deadline, the unclaimed $SARCO will be returned back to the DAO.

A detailed guide for the claiming process is also available on Arweave.

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