Sam Williams Says Why Arweave Has Achieved Product Market Fit

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Arweave has moved from its early years of being dominated by non-fungible token storage and history archiving use cases to many other utilisation that are encouraging to see and means that the blockchain has attained product market fit, Sam Williams, the founder of Arweave and CEO of Forward Research has said.

Williams who was on the X space organised by Pianity, a music non-fungible tokens platform operating on Arweave, to discuss the launch of ArSnap, said it was encouraging to see the Arweave protocol being used for decentralised social network and as infrastructure layer. He added that it was an improvement from about three years ago when it was used by people for NFT and records archiving.

ArSnap acts as a bridge where MetaMask users on Ethereum who are seeking decentralised storage or other products could easily use Arweave applications that offer it without needing to directly open an Arweave wallet address.

He highlighted projects such as Cyber Connect and Lens for using Arweave for decentralised social media and revealed that about three of the six major efforts to build decentralised databases are built on Arweave.

“It’s really just growth in usage in so many different areas. Now it’s found product market fit,” Williams said.

Pianity’s ArSnap was one of the 34 Snaps Metamask whitelisted after undergoing security audits. Metamask is the most widely used Ethereum wallet. The Snap is a JavaScript application executed in an isolated setting designed to customize its wallet interface. Official documentation states that A Snap can introduce new API functions to MetaMask and provide compatibility for various blockchain systems or could alter functionalities using JSON-RPC API.

On ArSnap which is the product of the collaboration between Arweave’s core developers’ and Pianity who are the developers of Arweave Wallet, Williams said it was good for adoption of the network and crypto industry.

“...making it so that people can access different chains using only one wallet is a pretty good step forward for us,” he said.

Launched on September 12 as an open beta, Snaps as a tool for developers could be used for decentralised identity and verifiable credentials; privacy features; computation and transaction insights among others.

Christian Montoya, who is the senior product owner of MetaMask Snap said on the X space that more features are being developed for Snap in the future and disclosed that Snap has 30 million monthly users.

Currently, Snap is not fully decentralised, Montoya said. He disclosed the options the team is exploring to make Snap fully decentralised to include loosening some permissions that are required at the moment and decentralising the vetting process MetaMask does.

“ But we also want to make sure that we take our time to set it up in a way that is safe, because we always want to ensure that we are maintaining safety for users,” he said, adding that improving Snap’s user interface has also been a priority since it was launched.

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