PermaDAO Weekly #31 (9.2-9.8)

Web3 is booming, and Arweave is becoming a popular infrastructure choice for developers. PermaDAO is a community where everyone can contribute to the Arweave ecosystem. It's a place to propose and tackle tasks related to Arweave, with the support and feedback of the entire community. Join PermaDAO and help shape Web3!

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Dear PermaDAO community members:

The long-awaited Arweave Day in Asia, hosted by PermaDAO, is set to take place on September 12th. We cordially invite everyone to join us at The Arts House, Singapore's old Parliament building. Additionally, this week, one of the invited speakers for the conference, the head of the KYVE ecosystem, will provide a special explanation of what decentralized data means. Of course, apart from the highly anticipated event promotion, the PermaDAO community has also produced several excellent articles this week. Topics range from Web3 content creation to an interpretation of the tokenization of Hong Kong bonds, as well as discussions on atomic assets, covering various areas. We are pleased to present these to you. Let's Buidl together!

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Workload Overview

The work accomplished by various guilds within PermaDAO last week is as follows:

PermaDAO has distributed  1,299.18 $AR tokens in total to dedicated volunteers, and we encourage them to persevere!

Notable Events

1. Arweave Day in Asia Exciting Announcement!

Arweave Day in Asia is about to officially kick-off. In the morning session, the Arweave founding team, core ecosystem contributors, and prominent project founders will present the first-ever ecosystem report release for the Arweave ecosystem. In the afternoon, there will be three themed discussions covering topics such as Permaweb and collaborative content creation, application expansion, and infrastructure. The primary purpose of this grand event is to facilitate deep communication between Eastern and Western projects within the Arweave ecosystem. In addition, everVision's AA abstract account product functionality will be launched for experiential invitations during the event. We look forward to seeing you at The Arts House, Singapore's old Parliament building, on September 12th!

Preview link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/76hTSR1CEkzejD0Vjx-VKg

2. What Is Decentralized Data? Let's Listen to KYVE Ecosystem Lead's Explanation

As one of the guests at the Arweave Day in Asia conference, @KYVENetwork ecosystem lead, @bramasPaul, will explain decentralized data to you. KYVE enables everyone to securely store, verify, and query on-chain and off-chain valuable data in a simplified manner, providing decentralized data for fast, secure, and scalable project development.


3. Invited by Moledao, the founder of everVision participated in the themed series of events during DAO Governance Week.

Invited by Moledao, the founder of everVision and core builder at PermaDAO, @outprog_eth, delivered a themed presentation this week to Web3 professionals on "DAO Development and Governance." He provided detailed insights into three key areas: the distinctions between traditional companies and DAOs, the ecological development of PermaDAO and Arweave, and governance within DAOs. In the future, PermaDAO aims to collaborate with various project teams and DAO organizations to collectively explore the establishment of standardized business processes for DAO organizations and the creation of a unified underlying database, contributing to the development of the Web3 ecosystem.

Course Notes: https://r4p9le78ukb.sg.larksuite.com/docx/CnCxd5VyNor4D2xDaRalGHhrgxb

4. Community's Numerous Excellent Articles: Web3 Content Creation, Layer2 Classification

In the current period, the community has produced several excellent articles. Where should one start with content creation in Web3? How can one be more efficient in content production? What does the "Tokenization of Hong Kong Bonds" report from Hong Kong cover, and what are its key points? How has Layer 2 development evolved, and what are the differences? How can NFTs of atomic assets benefit creators? Keep creating and producing content; it's all waiting for you to read!

Link to Numerous Excellent Articles to Read: https://medium.com/@permadao

Thank you to all the volunteers for their contributions to PermaDAO! We look forward to seeing all of you play an even larger role in the coming week, working together with the community to drive the development of PermaDAO and collectively push the boundaries of technological innovation!

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