PermaDAO Weekly #23(7.7-7.13)

Dear PermaDAO community members:

PermaDAO Content Guild is comprehensively upgraded and launched version 2.0! The head of Guild Content hopes to further stimulate the creativity of our community members and bring in more quality content. In addition, PermaDAO continues to hold project investment and research sharing meeting this week. The Arweave Asia Summer Hackathon is also underway, and so far many well-known project parties have been invited to share their knowledge. PermaDAO hope that volunteers can gain something from this practical information sharing!

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Workload Overview

The work accomplished by various guilds within PermaDAO last week is as follows:

PermaDAO has distributed 863.04 $AR tokens in total to dedicated volunteers, and we encourage them to persevere!

Notable Events

1. PermaDAO Content Guild is comprehensively upgraded

PermaDAO has launched version 2.0 of the Content Guild. The upgraded Content Guild brings a number of exciting innovations and improvements to creators, aiming to enhance the content creation and collaboration experience for content creators at PermaDAO. The key upgrades include ranking system, incentive segmentation, and process, as well as user interface improvements.

Official Link: PermaDAO Content Guild Upgraded-Rank System, Incentive Segmentation ...... to Ignite the Creative Frenzy

2. Arweave Asian Summer Hackathon Programme

The Arweave Asia Summer Hackathon is still underway, and PermaDAO invited mentors from @Knn3Network this week. KNN3 is a relational graph spectra solution, and mentors brought different interpretations to all participators from the perspective of actual practice. In addition, PermaDAO also invited the chief security officer @NuIlPtr from the star project @mindnetwork_xyz to share the hardcore technology. MindNetwork is a zero-trust data lake, and the two mentors will bring participators a large amount of practical information from the underlying technical logic of the project to the future outlook.

Official Twitter:


3. The second phase of the PermaDAO Novice Camp kicked off

The second phase of the PermaDAO Novice Camp kicked off! It will last for a fortnight, and in order to achieve better results, each novice camp number will be limited to 20 people, and each instructor will bring participators a lot of practical information on how to play PermaDAO!

4. PermaDAO held a "Project Investment and Research Sharing meeting about Exploring DeBox

This week, PermaDAO invited @Hotpot01 from DeBoxCMO and @Arnoxu_eth, the Eco-head of DeBox, which is a DID-based Web3 social platform. Through the interviews with these two guests, people who participated in this activity can get a deeper understanding of DeBox from the perspectives of product innovation, strategic planning, and challenges!

Recording Link:

Thank you to all the volunteers for your contributions to PermaDAO! We look forward to seeing how you can play an even bigger role in the coming week, working together with the community to advance PermaDAO and cross the boundaries of technological innovation!

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Translator: Lawrence @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: Xiaosong Hu @ Contributor of PermaDAO

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