PermaDAO Content Guild Upgraded-Rank System, Incentive Segmentation to Ignite the Creative Frenzy!

Dear PermaDAO members:

We are excited to announce that the PermaDAO Content Guild has undergone a comprehensive upgrade!

After a lot of effort and in-depth interaction with community members, Viya, the Head of the Content Guild, presented the guild upgrade proposal and held a public meeting on 12 June to introduce the launch of the PermaDAO Content Guild version 2.0. The upgraded Content Guild will bring a series of exciting innovations and improvements, aiming to enhance the content creation and collaboration experience for content creators on PermaDAO.

The upgrade mainly involves the following aspects:

  1. Rank System: Through the new rank system, we will recognise and focus on incentivising those who have made outstanding contributions to the PermaDAO community.

    As the increasing of the level of activity and contribution of creators in the community, they will be promoted to a higher rank, and receive unique privileges and rewards. It will not only increase their earnings in the PermaDAO, but also enhance weight and luster to their future on-chain identity.

    You can go to the Submission Group homepage, and click the Contributors Rank Management option on the navigation bar to check your contribution history, current rank, and the rules and bonus ratio of your rank. We look forward to seeing more excellent creators getting more incentives in PermaDAO!

  2. Incentive Segmentation: We will assess the incentives paid by creators more precisely according to the type and quality of the contribution. This upgrade provides a more segmented system of incentive criteria for Submission Groups, with the aim of better incentivising the creation of different types of articles.

    Content creators will receive differentiated incentives depending on the content of their submissions. Instead of a one-size-fits-all model, articles of varying depth and breadth will be priced by category, which means that PermaDAO members who make outstanding contributions will be rewarded more equitably and substantively.

    The upgraded article submission rules together with the rank system can earn up to 66U per thousand words submission incentive. In addition, the incentive standard of reviewers has also been improved in the upgrade proposal, which has improved the problem of low rights and interests of reviewers in the past.

  3. Optimise the User Interface: By upgrading the user interface of the homepage of the Content Guild and its each group, it provides a clearer and friendlier collaboration experience for creators.

    The new guild interface is more intuitive and easy to use than the old version, and is intended to allow creators to express ideas and edit content more smoothly.

  4. Improve the process: In addition to the above points, we have also optimised the collaboration process and strengthened the supervision mechanism for reviewers, hoping to allow creators and daily operators of the guild to work more closely and share inspiration.

    The new requirement pool function in the submission group has solved the problem that it was difficult for the authors to communicate with the contributors in time in the past. Authors are now free to fill a draft idea or a completed first draft directly into the requirements pool, which will be processed by the person in charge within 48 hours and then proceed directly to the review process.

    This proposal seeks to eliminate the obstacles in the collaborative process by supplementing the relevant documents and optimising the process design, so that PermaDAO members can work together to create compelling work.

    Moreover, this proposal has made intervention measures for the problems in the past practical experience, and it is expected that the supervision mechanism can further improve the quality of the content.

  5. Increase the Review Members of the Submission Group: In view of the good development of the business of the Submission Group, the original number of reviewers is no longer sufficient to support the demand for reviewing manuscripts. Therefore, after comprehensively considering the creative background of the members, the amount of the contribution to PermaDAO, and other dimensions of the index, it is decided to include the following people into the reviewer's seat in the Submission Team:

    @Mic's May @webber @Sandy @MiddleX

    Meanwhile, @MiddleX , as the senior creator, proposer, and executer of the ranking system of the Submission Group, will share the daily operations and management rotation of the Submissions Group with @Lemon , the former head of the Submissions Group.

We believe that this upgrade will further stimulate the creativity and vitality of the community and bring more excitement and diversity to the PermaDAO content ecosystem. Thank you to all members for your continued participation and support of the PermaDAO Content Guild.

The upgrade has officially landed, and you can view and experience the new version of the Guild by going to the Content Guild on the homepage!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or collaboration opportunities, please feel free to contact us or go directly to the Management Guild proposal discussion. We believe that a decentralised approach to governance can lead to a healthy long-term future for organizations.


PermaDAO Content Guild

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