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Only Two Days Left to Enroll in WeaveDB Fellows

Attention passengers, this is the last call to onboard a train stacked with builders. You have time until the last day of May 2023 to submit your application for the first WeaveDB Fellows program.

WeaveDB Fellows is a hackathon initiated by - you guessed it, WeaveDB, one of the leading decentralised NoSQL databases on Arweave, with prizes of 22000$, that will hold for six weeks starting from the 9th of June 2023.

Now, you must know that this Hackathon is meant for teams of 2 to 5 advanced developers, seasoned enough to have at least two dApps under their belt. So, if you are relatively new in the Web3 space, first check Permaweb's cookbook, familiarise yourself with the code by creating some test dApps of your own, and be prepared for the next hackathon.

Actually, for the exact details on who can enroll, and everything else you need to know in order to participate, you can check their announcement here.

While WeaveDB is the creator of this programme, they partnered with some big names from the industry, such as Fleek, Intmax, Lit protocol, Lens protocol, Mask Network and, of course, Arweave.

All the participants should use WeaveDB in their implementations and if they choose to use any of the protocols from above that partnered with WeaveDB for this event, they will become eligible for the best project using Fleek, Arweave, or Lens - you got the idea. You have to remember, being a six-week hackathon, not a one-weekend hack, they expect that at the end of it, you have to come up with a fully functional dApp.

Talking about prizes, there are a lot of them. We counted 14. Given that there is a hard cap of about 15-20 teams that will enter the hackathon, this is more of a marathon and if your team manages to finish with a working dApp, you'll probably end up as one of the prize winners.

However, in order to get there, you first have to apply for admission and complete a short form in these two days until the month of May ends. DeveloperDAO members have priority in the initial selection process, because let's face it, we all know that they are battle-hardened devs.

As a short PS: keep in mind that the form doesn't have a checkmark for Intmax, given the fact that they entered this program after the initial announcement was made, but there is a prize for "best dApp using Intmax", so you can write directly in the explanation box that you'll use Intmax and why - if it's the case.

Anyway, what are you waiting for? Remember only 2 days left to complete the form. We'll be rooting for all the brave builders that will enrol and we are quite excited about what new dApps will emerge from this programme.


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