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Nina's Open Beta

Nina, the independent Web3 music ecosystem, has launched its Open Beta.

Now, anyone can jump in and interact with music in excitingly new ways!

Nina Open Beta

Emphasising accessibility, Nina is now fully open to the public. There's no complicated sign-up process. All you need is your email, and you can instantly release, collect, curate, and even write about music on the platform. Music aficionados and novices alike can join the party and share their auditory tastes with the world.

But wait, there's more!

Nina's Open Beta introduces some nifty features that'll change your tune about sharing and following music. Have you ever wanted to gift a download to a friend or fan? Well, with Nina's new Release Codes, you can do just that. Want to verify your social accounts and follow others? That’s easier now too.

For the artistically inclined, there's more good news.

The Nina Artist Program is awaiting your sign-up, ready to take your tracks to the public. You'll not just be releasing your first tracks but also receiving hands-on support. It's like your personal backstage crew in the virtual Web3 world.

Nina has a big vision. It's not just about streaming music; it's about creating an independent music ecosystem that's equitable, context-rich, and open. And guess what? They're just getting started.

Two of the most requested features are in the pipeline and due to hit the stage soon. Get ready for 'Albums' to make your musical collection more organised and 'Credit Card Purchase' for seamless transactions.

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