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NFT Tickets With Unlockable Content Are Now a Reality – Darkblock And NFT TiX Collaboration

Darkblock, the Arweave based decentralised unlockables platform, has officially partnered with Ethereum based NFT ticketing platform NFT TiX, to bring on a revolutionary concept to the world of live music and events. The current events industry is full of many middlemen that want to take a cut of each ticket sale. Through the utilisation of blockchain technology and NFT tokens, a new world emerges, where artists, athletes and performers, can directly interact with their fans.

In this instance, the collaboration between the two now means that these professionals, and events hosts, will be able to offer all sorts of unlockable content, directly to NFT TiX ticket holders. On top of this, all NFT metadata and the unlockable content that is uploaded to Darkblock is stored on Arweave’s Permaweb, guaranteeing permanence for NFT TiX users too.

How is this achieved?

Darkblock allows a user to upgrade and empower their NFTs. Their decentralised protocol for unlockable content allows users to create add-ons for their NFTs. These add-ons, or “hidden” content, are unlocked via the NFTs themselves. The NFTs are the keys.

NFT TiX offers event organisers and attendees a portal through which to buy and sell tickets as NFTs directly, on a one-to-one basis, cutting out any middlemen. NTF TiX has been designed in a simple and straightforward way, where even a blockchain novice would be able to interact with their platform. 

As they put it:

“We have designed our platform so that it is easy for anyone to use, even if you have never tried purchasing an NFT before.”

What this means for the industry

The most valuable benefits of NFT tickets containing unlockable content, is the added value that artists can offer their fans. For example an artist might decide to professionally record their live performance, and add the link to this recording directly to the NFT. Not only does this add value to the fans that attended the event, but also increases the after sale value of the ticket, as some avid collectors might strive to gather as many “NFT shows” as they can.

The NFT could even end up costing more on the secondary market than it did as a ticket in the first place. So the event attendee can make their money back, whilst the initial event organiser can benefit from a fee from the secondary sale. The possibilities are endless.

In another instance, an artist might decide to offer limited edition merchandise only to attendees of specific events, again by making sure that only the owners of these NFTs can access the dedicated merch store.

On the wider scale, NFT tickets solve the major issue of counterfeit ticket sales and scalping. Blockchains offer the benefit of traceability and immutability. So essentially, when one buys an NFT ticket, all they need to do is look at the contract address on the blockchain from where said NFT is originating in order to verify its authenticity.

And as mentioned, one of the other major benefits of NFT tickets, with unlockable content linked up, are the lower costs for the creators. No more 20% handling fees on ticketing platforms, or major admin fees to organise offering additional content.

This is all very exciting, and another example of how Web3 and Arweave are helping revolutionise the music and events industry as we know it. As mentioned in their blog post, the Darkblocks API has been created for easy adoption and integration, so it won’t be long before the collaboration between the two goes live.

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