NFT And Social Graph Projects To Adopt Arweave Technology Using Irys

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Irys (formerly Bundlr) will be enabling the adoption of the Arweave technology by Releap Protocol and Omni X, the projects announced.

Releap Protocol which says it is the first decentralised social graph on the Sui Network, aims to help creators own and control their creativity and connections announced that all content created on Releap will now be stored on Arweave Network through Irys.

“Irys launched as the only provenance layer just four weeks ago. We’re already starting to see how important provenance is for social protocols and apps. More to come soon,” Josh Benaron, the founder of Irys wrote.

Provenance is the trail of documentation that accounts for the origin of a piece of data, which encompasses any form of attribution or labelling of the data. Data on a provenance layer must be permanent, precise and unconstrained. In September, founder of Irys, Benaron argued that the project acts as a better provenance layer than Ethereum.

While data is permanent if the provenance log is available to be read and verified at any point in the future, granular timestamps must be attributable to data which will make data precise and if anyone can write any volume of information to the provenance log, data is unconstrained.

Storing data on Arweave through Irys will also give Releap Protocol access to tools such as the query package which can help order or arrange transactions according to timestamps.

“Decentralised social graphs realize that onchain storage and ordering via Irys is the only viable option,” wrote Connor King, head of Business Development at Irys.

Meanwhile, Omni X also announced that it would be adopting the Arweave storage network to store the metadata of NFT collections. With Omni X, users can access their non-fungible tokens on more than 10 blockchains in one place.

“Irys is an amazing platform that allows us to store metadata for NFT collections on Arweave, guarantying (sic) permanent provenance and making it easy to budget, thanks to a single payment model. We are excited to keep working together and host metadata for our future editions,” Omni X stated.

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