How to use email to register your EverID

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EverID is the identity account system for managing digital assets in the everPay network, which can help users to quickly create an everPay digital asset account via Crypto wallet address, email address, and many other ways. everPay is a instant, zero gas fee payment protocol. The BETA version is now online and users can refer to this tutorial to register EverID.

  1. Go to, click "Login/Register". EverID information will be bound to your current device, so please register on your own secure device.

  1. Enter the email address you want to register for EverID. This email address will become your EverID account.

  1. Enter the invitation code. EverID is currently in the invitation-only experience phase, and users will need to obtain an invitation code to register for EverID.

    There are two ways to get an invite code: first if you picked up an invite code at the Arweave in Asia 2023 event; second, community members who have been onboarded at PermaDAO can get an invite code in the future.

  1. Tick "I Understand" and click "Confirm".

  1. Check the verification code in your email, enter it and click Next, then confirm that on your device. Congratulations you have successfully registered EverID!

With EverID, users no longer need to understand complex blockchain knowledge, backup private keys/helpers through complicated operations as in the past. While securing assets through blockchain technology, EverID has simplified the tedious operation process and lowered the threshold of knowledge as much as possible. Now users can have a Web3 account by simply registering with their email address, EverID enables more traditional users to experience the new digital financial network brought by Web3.

So why hesitate? Head over to everPay and use EverID to experience real-time, zero gas Web3 payment!

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