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Fair AI Protocol Introduces New Features - PLUS Exclusive Talk with the Team

In a world where rapid advancements in technology are the norm, the Fair AI Protocol team is not only keeping pace, but setting the speed. With a slew of new updates being rolled out and an ambitious vision for the future, they're continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of decentralised AI and crypto.

We've recently had an enlightening conversation with the team to get an inside look at these exciting developments. As we delve deeper into their world, you'll discover how they're enhancing their platform with faster transactions using the $U token, integrating a sophisticated tool called DreamShaper, and expanding transparency with a publicly accessible roadmap.

Plus, find out what happened when they made a special appearance on the STAMP show.

At Fair Protocol, we launched the alpha version just over one month ago, and since then, we have been focusing on preparing the beta version. To that end, we started using $U payments to make our app faster, and we are currently working on improving the UI/UX of the app and preparing new features, which will be live in the coming weeks. At the same time, we have been releasing better artificial intelligence models. - Márcio, co-founder at Fair AI Protocol

Let's dive in!

Project Roadmap Accessibility

The Fair AI Protocol team has taken significant strides in ensuring transparency and community engagement. As announced on their Twitter, they have now integrated a link to their project roadmap within their link tree - which you can view here. So, now, anyone can conveniently track the team's progress and stay informed about their progress and plans. By providing this direct insight, they offer a clear view of their achievements and the ongoing evolution of their project, while keeping the decentralised and community driven nature of true Web3 close to heart.

And they are having fun doing so!

The experience so far has been incredible. We are building a very innovative product, which combines AI with blockchain, and we are still at the beginning, so we are very confident and looking forward to what the next few months will bring. - Márcio, co-founder at Fair AI Protocol

You can also read more about Fair AI Protocol's future plans here.

$U Transactions and Technology Enhancement

The team announced another thrilling development recently: all transactions within their app will be processed using the $U token. This upgrade will allow for near-instant transactions, optimising the user experience. In addition, they're boosting their text-to-image technology with DreamShaper. This cutting-edge tool enables the creation of stunning portraits, backgrounds, and anime-style characters.

When asked what their biggest challenge so far with development was, Márcio - referencing the new $U token - had this to say:

The biggest challenge so far has been finding a way to reduce the time it takes a user to use the app for the first time, and we've managed to solve that through payments with $U. - Márcio, co-founder at Fair AI Protocol

Wait, what is $U?

The $U token is a unique digital asset designed to stimulate activity on the Permaweb, and its decentralised network of decentralised applications (dApps). As a unit of account on the Permaweb, the $U token was created with a fair launch, without any initial pre-mine period. The $U token serves multiple purposes, including providing liquidity for users and applications on the Permaweb. It is essentially the fuel for the Permaweb, facilitating transactions and interactions within the network's applications.

In terms of utility, one $U equals 1,000,000 Sub Units (SU). Developers can utilise $U tokens within their applications, while users can use it to swap between other tokens. Furthermore, through the Foreign Call Protocol, contract-to-contract transactions can be enabled, allowing users to buy, sell, and interact with any asset on the Permaweb.

Read more about the $U token here.

Public Appearance on "STAMP Show #4 - Meet Fair Protocol Team"

The Fair AI Protocol team is not only working hard behind the scenes but also actively engaging with the community. They are not anons by any means, and the whole team has showed their faces publicly.

They recently presented their project on Rakis' STAMP Show.

On the Rakis' STAMP Show Márcio, Tiago, and Luís - the co-founders of Fair AI Protocol - discuss their background in software development before becoming enthusiastic about AI and blockchain tech. Their enthusiasm, combined with their frustration for the current centralised state of the AI space, is what led them to start Fair AI Protocol.

In the show, Tiago explains the problem they are trying to solve:

We have full source AI models and those have a lot of problems. Basically there is a lack of transparency on the data that's used to create those models. Also, companies are usually behind those close source models. They can generate a monopoly on the data that is generated, and they can use that data to retrain models that are even better. And then they can create a monopoly on the models themselves, and it can hard for open-source projects to keep up the pace- Tiago, co-founder Fair AI Protocol (Stamp Show)

Fair AI Protocol: An Overview

The Fair AI Protocol is an innovative project that seeks to decentralise access to Artificial Intelligence and its training models. In recent years, major tech corporations have been centralising AI computation, raising concerns about unequal distribution of AI benefits. This centralisation impedes smaller organisations from accessing AI technology, and could potentially introduce biases into AI models that mirror the interests and values of these large tech entities.

To confront these challenges and cultivate a more equitable AI infrastructure, the Fair AI Protocol was conceived. Utilising the power of the Arweave blockchain and its primary layer 2, Bundlr, the Fair AI Protocol is revolutionising AI model inference.

We use Arweave to store all the models and all the prompts and every data we have in our marketplace [...] because it's censorship resistant. - Tiago, co-founder Fair AI Protocol (Stamp Show)

Learn more about Fair AI Protocol via their socials and website here.


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