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ArConnect Revamps Wallet, Emerges First Arweave Wallet To Get Security Audit

ArConnect, an arweave-based wallet on Monday released the first version of revamped browser extension with new user experience and performance and new suite of developer tools after it passed a security audit, making it the first wallet in the Arweave ecosystem to get audited.

ArConnect wallet provides a browser extension that interacts directly with Arweave Protocol and gateways to make a more seamless user experience.

The project said that ArConnect 1.0 had been completely redesigned and rebuilt from ground up by using what it describes as a revolutionary browser extension framework.

“Using the extension is now seamless and pleasant, ArConnect said.

It also stated that using the extension has been made simpler by reorganizing permissions, allowances and gateway settings in the settings section of the application. Settings for each application can now be managed easily.

Supporting developer’s work flow can also be enhanced through two new tools: ArConnect Devtools and ArLocal Devtools. ArConnect said supporting developers is top priority for it.

What excites ArConnect as much as the new features created is the audit of its source code and penetration test by Open Security. The testing period lasted for 15 days and it involved testing the source code for potential vulnerabilities.

The code audit shows three informational findings, one medium-severity vulnerability and one high vulnerability. The report added that all five vulnerabilities had been addressed and re-tested and declared it fully remediated.

“Thorough examination of the source code showed strong practices…While there are some hardening measures that have identified during testing, the strong technology stack and architecture mitigate several vulnerabilities, allowing for those issues to be mitigated on a longer timeline,” Open Security stated in a report, adding that “community Labs exhibited strong motivation to address identified issues.”

The report recommended security testing of new features as they are developed in order to proactively identify any potential regressions in security introduced by these features.

Community Labs which works with ArConnect said in a post that the team had been working to create the latest version for months.

“The first version of ArConnect has been a steady, dependable wallet for the whole Arweave ecosystem since it launched. Being supported by almost all the Arweave applications, ArConnect has helped shepard in thousands of new users onto Arweave,” Community Labs stated.


Adeola is a journalist at Arweave News. As a former freelance journalist, his works were published by Newlines Magazine, The Continent and the Mail and Guardian. He has interest in the intersection of technology and human lives.

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