Face-to-Face Interview Arweave Ecological Project - 4EVERLAND

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Author:Xiaosong HU @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Translator: Xiaosong HU @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: 4EVERLAND

Face-to-Face Interview Arweave Ecological Project - 4EVERLAND

Our Arweave ecological project interview has entered the third phase. We have expressed our original intention of doing such activities many times before. The core purpose is actually two words: "to remove the charm". The author also wants to take this opportunity to conduct in-depth interviews with the practitioners of the Arweave ecological project during such a bear market and share some feelings from their perspectives and industry experiences, which may be able to help those who want to All in Web3 during the bear market. Provide some cases and templates for reference.

At the same time, we hope that the PermaDAO division of labor and collaboration model, everPay, and future everVision-related products can be experienced and felt by ecological parties. In the past, most of the contributors to PermaDAO were mainly Chinese-speaking. As the interviews continued to deepen, more and more projects started to log in to PermaDAO, they are also trying to understand our tools in depth and ultimately hope to become a tool commonly used by the contributor community of the entire Arweave ecosystem.

The guest we are interviewing today is Deon, the co-founder of 4EVERLAND. Before that, I would like to briefly introduce the background of the 4EVERLAND project to you:

The Introduction of 4EVERLAND

Web3.0, as a new generation of Internet paradigm, advocates free identity, free contracts, and free assets. Blockchain technology uses decentralized address accounts, freely deployed and accessed smart contracts, autonomous and frictionless flows. Token provides an almost perfect solution for Web3.0. The free market creates prosperity, and the business world of blockchain is advancing rapidly. DEFI's free financial experience has attracted hundreds of billions of dollars in pursuit, and the combination of NFT with art, sports and trendy culture has introduced hundreds of millions of people into the blockchain world in record time. Tens of thousands or even tens of millions of incremental users.

However, a crucial part is still missing from the current Web 3.0 paradigm of blockchain. Because many users will involuntarily have many questions, such as: "I trust my Ethereum address, assets and smart contracts, but what should I do if the DAPP interface I am visiting disappears or is intercepted one day?", "The value of my collection" The expensive NFT digital artwork points to a single-node storage server, so will the value of my digital artwork disappear when the server is shut down?", "The DEFI project I developed was quickly accessible in Europe. But it is very slow in Asia. What should I do if it affects my user experience?" Obviously, the centralized, permission-based, and single-node data service model cannot meet the rapidly growing needs of Web3.0 users for service security and freedom.

4EVERLAND is here to solve this problem. 4EVERLAND will be based on the underlying technology of decentralized storage and blockchain, and is committed to providing a distributed, high-efficiency, self-motivated, low-cost data hosting network. If free accounts, free contracts, and independent assets are the foundation of Web3.0, then the development protocol built by 4EVERLAND will be the access layer protocol of the Web3.0 world, allowing Web3.0 developers to completely get rid of The constraints of centralization improve the robustness and security of services, and provide users with network services that are globally accelerated and have permanent links.

Here is part of our interview:

Part One: About 4EVERLAND

Q1: Hey, Deon! I am very happy to be interviewed by us. The first question: Could you please introduce to everyone the background of the establishment of 4EVERLAND?

Answer: Hello, thank you for inviting me! I have chosen to join this industry since 2017 and have witnessed the ups and downs of the industry. And after experiencing a new round of bull market that started in 2020, I deeply understand that the development of Web3 is In line with the general trend, too many developers are rushing to enter the market. Of course, I have also seen the life and death of many projects. During this process, we discovered that front-end decentralization has always been a topic that has been ignored but cannot be avoided. In particular, various Defi applications may have their front-end inaccessible due to various reasons such as the front-end being attacked or the team running away, which will greatly challenge the user experience. So we proposed a front-end decentralized solution in 2021 and officially established 4EVERLAND.


(Source: 4EVERLAND’s homepage)

Q2: Can you please share with us the important moments that 4EVERLAND has experienced?

Answer: 4EVERLAND’s first product “Hosting” is officially launched in 2021. You can understand that we are based on IPFS (Note: IPFS is also called the Interstellar File System; it is a distributed storage, sharing, and Persistent network transfer protocol. It is a content-addressable peer-to-peer hypermedia distribution protocol. Nodes in the IPFS network constitute a distributed file system. It is an open-source project started by the protocol in 2014 The laboratory develops distributed storage with the help of the open-source community) and has built a complete set of front-end decentralized hosting services, allowing developers to quickly use decentralized storage to build and host their own websites. This product immediately detonated the market when it was launched, quickly attracting nearly 30,000 developers to use it, and replacing IPFS with centralized cloud services;

  • At the end of 2021, Hosting completed the integration of Arweave, which means that users can quickly build Permaweb based on Hosting;

  • In 2022, our new product Bucket will be launched, providing developers with a set of decentralized storage and persistence services compatible with AWS S3;

  • Today in 2023, more than 1 billion files have been stored through 4EVERLAND, serving more than 220,000 users. Currently, 4EVERLAND is also the second largest storage service provider in the Arweave ecosystem.

Q3: So what do you think is the future vision and plan of 4EVERLAND?

Answer: 4EVERLAND is always committed to lowering the developer threshold for Web3 and helping more Web2 developers migrate to Web3 smoothly. Therefore, we will continue to iterate on our products, continue to launch more user-friendly Web3 products, and serve more users. At the same time, we will continue to bring more low-threshold and Web2-compatible products and tools to the Arweave ecosystem, so that more users can know and choose us.

Q4: Does 4EVERLAND currently have a clear timeline, and what resources are needed to connect it?

Answer: We have a relatively clear roadmap to promote overall product and service iteration. We are currently focusing on building a more usable Arweave gateway and Arweave Bridge to better build the Arweave ecosystem and bring more storage data.

Regarding resource docking, we hope to get to know more friends, whether they are project parties, developers, or individuals so that we can provide them with convenient decentralized storage. At the same time, we are also promoting cooperation with various public chain ecosystems, hoping to play the role of a connector and bring Arweave into more ecosystems.

Q5: Can you share with everyone how many full-time employees 4EVERLAND currently has, what are the participation methods, and how do you get incentives?

Answer: 4EVERLAND now has 24 full-time employees, more than 80% of whom are technical and distributed around the world, which has created a good foundation for us to promote in the global market. We have designed a set of diversified incentive measures, with individual contribution as the core for motivation, and the team is completely flat, which also allows each employee to maintain passion and motivation for work at all times.

Q6: So what do you think is the biggest challenge facing 4EVERLAND?

Answer: I think it is more about the continuous and diversified market demand because the development of Web3 is so fast. We must try our best to provide the best service to keep our product capabilities in the first echelon.

Q7: Everyone is curious about why you chose the name “4EVERLAND”?

Answer: In fact, the English transliteration of 4EVER is also the same as forever. This is our belief. We feel that the Web3 world is eternal. This may be very similar to the concept of Perma. We are committed to providing a permanent Web3 infrastructure service facility to provide developers with full-capability basic services such as storage, network, and computing.

Q8: Are there any competing products on the market that you think are competing products, just like Filecoin and Storj are competing products for Arweave?

Answer: In fact, I think different storage solutions and scenarios are inconsistent. For example, although Filecoin, Storj, and Arweave all belong to the storage track, the storage requirements and scenarios they cater to are inconsistent, especially those provided by Arweave. The persistence scenario is also something that other storage infrastructures do not have. The same is true for 4everland. We also have some similar products in terms of form, such as Vercel and Netlify, which are the leading front-end hosting products of Web2 and serve a large number of developers. 4EVERLAND's Hosting has similar capabilities and can also provide developers with automated, convenient, efficient, and low-cost front-end hosting and management capabilities. But we are more focused on Web3 users, especially the decentralization and persistence of the front end through Arweave. In terms of storage, 4EVERLAND provides enterprise-class object storage product Bucket that is compatible with the AWS S3 API standard, enabling features such as multipart upload, breakpoint upload, and convenient file management. We have the same product features as AWS S3, but at the same time, we combine these capabilities with Arweave to bring a better Web3 storage experience.

Q9: Can you briefly introduce to us some of the project parties currently cooperating with you, such as Livepeer and other projects?

Answer: 4EVERLAND has many partners. In addition to well-known project customers like Lenster, Snapshot, and Lenstube, we currently have 100,000+ ecological users. As you mentioned, 4EVERLAND's role as a storage service provider has also reached close cooperation with developer-oriented tools such as Livepeer and WeaveDB, and is committed to providing some joint solutions for Web3 developers to allow Arweave storage Better integration with Web3 protocol to provide end users with a one-stop solution. We are not only serving more users, but also establishing close cooperation with more similar public chains, underlying protocols, and infrastructure to launch more user-friendly Web3 products.

Q10: What is 4EVERLAND’s current charging and profit model? Can you briefly introduce your economic model to us?

Answer: As an infrastructure, the services provided by 4EVERLAND have brought us good cash flow support, which is due to developers’ recognition and use of our products. At present, we do not earn the price difference on Ar storage. We have even launched Unleash Arweave policy support to encourage more developers to use Arweave for free. Because storage is only one part of the actual use process, developers also have needs for dedicated gateways, front-end construction, computing, RPC, and other aspects, and we will generate revenue in these places. However, you can rest assured that these services also have market price advantages. We have product performance and services that are not inferior to Web2, and we also have better cost performance.

At the same time, as a Web3 cloud computing platform, 4EVERLAND also distributes benefits to our community and volunteers from the perspective of Web3. Regardless of your role as a customer, fan, or developer of 4EVERLAND, You all can get incentives based on your contributions at 4EVERLAND.

Q11: You know that I am from PermaDAO, has 4EVERLAND ever thought about creating a community or DAO organization?

Answer: The 4EVERLAND team is currently in the engineering phase, and we are still working hard to improve the product. But we already have independent communities around the world including Vietnamese, Turkish, Malaysian, Russian, Korean and other languages, as well as more than 30 community leaders to help us while also providing the best support for our users.

Part Two: About Deon

Q12: Let’s talk about yourself now. How did you learn about Web3 and how did you join 4EVERLAND?

Answer: Like most people, I first learned about the blockchain industry from currency speculation. After constantly understanding the concepts and models of Bitcoin and Ethereum, this deeply attracted me. I think this is a There are huge opportunities in the industry in the future, so I joined the Web3 industry without hesitation. Throughout my Web3 work experience, especially as a product manager and individual developer, I deeply feel that Web3 development is not easy. I want to change this situation so that every developer can simply enjoy it. The joy of Web3 development. So we started 4EVERLAND.

Q13: I want to ask you a very serious question. We know that the entire industry is currently in a bear market, and may even be in a deep bear market for a long time in the future. So, can you give us some information about what you want to enter at this moment? Web3 But any suggestions for those still on the fence?

A: I think bear markets are the best time to build, learn, and explore. Because the cost at this time is the lowest, and the bear market is also the time that can hone your mind the most. You need to have enough patience and concentration to gain more after getting out of the bear market. So don’t be afraid of the bear market, and don’t let the bear market stop you from exploring and learning. But one thing is also very important: investment needs to be cautious!!

Q14: As an excellent Web3 practitioner, do your company or you personally often experience pressure from the market? How do you usually resolve these pressures? **

Answer: Maybe cycling is my preferred way to relax at the moment. There are climbs, downhills, flat roads, and scenery along the way. It is just like the market, full of unknowns and challenges, but there are also many gains. Empty your body and fill your spirit, and you will be full of motivation again.

Part 3: About PermaDAO and everVision

Q15: How did you know about everVision?

Answer: I first learned about everVision when we first entered the Arweave ecosystem. I immediately saw this project with a name somewhat similar to ours. Later, during the continuous research process, I also discovered that everVision, as a senior, has made a lot of achievements in the Arweave ecosystem. Contribution gives us great confidence and motivation. Later, during the process of integrating the bottom layer of Arweave, we discovered Arseeding created by the everVsion team, which saved us a lot of development work. Through this, we and everVsion gradually began to cooperate more on the technical level.

Q16: So what do you think of everVision’s team and business development?

Answer: everVision is a comprehensive elite team developed based on Arweave. Whether it is Permaswap, everPay, or Arseeding, everVision has demonstrated its strong engineering and market capabilities. At the same time, as the initiating team of PermaDAO, everVision is a well-deserved six-sided team of the Arweave ecosystem. Shape warrior. We hope to continue to cooperate with the everVision team in all aspects of technology and market and jointly contribute to the ecological construction of Arweave.

Q17: How do you think PermaDAO and 4EVERLAND should cooperate in the future?

Answer: From Why Arweave’s host partner to Unleash Arweave’s marketing plan, 4EVERLAND has carried out a series of close cooperation with PermaDAO. In the future, we will maintain such a highly interconnected cooperative relationship and work together to promote the global ecological development of Arweave.

Q18: Thank you for sharing with us today. Is there anything you would like to say to everyone at the end?

Answer: I am firmly optimistic about the important role Arweave will play in the future of Web3, and I hope to build together with all friends of PermaDAO and more Web3 believers. Persistence is victory, learn more, make more progress, and encourage each other! Thank you everyone!


Although I have always heard the name 4EVERLAND when I entered the Arweave ecosystem, the real contact is thanks to the guest for the opportunity given by this interview. What touches me most is that 4EVERLAND, like other Arweave ecological parties that we have come into contact with, has an extremely open attitude and inclusiveness. For example, we heard that Livepeer is cooperating with 4EVERLAND, and when we expressed our willingness to contact Livepeer After that, 4EVERLAND randomly helped us contact the other party’s CTO. I think it is the mutual openness and help of these project parties in the Arweave ecosystem that makes this ecosystem more attractive.

After the interview, we also introduced PermaDAO’s collaboration tools to 4EVERLAND, and invited 4EVERLAND to board the ship to experience it and receive incentives for their contributions. We also look forward to PermaDAO being able to provide high-quality services to more ecological project parties. Welcome all ecological bosses to contact us~~~

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