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The annual Web3 industry event, Token 2049, is just around the corner! The largest offline gathering of the Arweave ecosystem, Arweave Day in Asia, is also set to take place on September 12th at The Arts House, Old Parliament Building in Singapore.

This event will witness the participation of over a hundred Arweave ecosystem builders and investors. Exclusive perks such as product testing opportunities, AR airdrop rewards, and practical merchandise are in store for attendees. For more details, read on!

Event Agenda

The conference will run throughout the day on September 12th, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. It will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions, with lunch provided for participants.

The morning session will feature the inaugural Arweave ecosystem report release, presented by the Arweave founding team, core ecosystem contributors, and prominent project founders. The afternoon session will consist of three main themes: Permaweb Content Co-creation, Application Usage, and Infrastructure, fostering in-depth discussions between projects from both Eastern and Western regions.

Participation Rewards

Arweave Day in Asia 2023 has prepared heartfelt surprises for attendees: the everVision team has spent nearly half a year preparing for the official launch of their Abstract Account (AA) product features, and they will be offering exclusive $AR red packet airdrops at the event. In addition, the conference organizers have prepared practical and Arweave-themed merchandise as tokens of appreciation for everyone's support. Stay tuned for more exclusive surprises prepared by project teams, waiting to be unveiled in person!

New Releases

Previously, PermaDAO collaborated with community creators to collectively write a comprehensive "Arweave Ecosystem Series Research Report," which received widespread acclaim. At this conference, PermaDAO, Arweave SCP Ventures, and Forward Research (Arweave) will unveil even more groundbreaking content within the Arweave ecosystem during the morning session. To discover what's in store, keep your eyes peeled for the conference day and the live broadcast!

More Information

In addition to the above surprises that will be revealed on the day of the event, Nature.Chen, the creator of PermaDAO, has also drawn a portable map for this industry event. You are welcome to go to the venue of Arweave Day in Asia 2023 or the surrounding activities near the Old Parliament Building according to your own needs.

For more information about the conference and its surroundings, feel free to stay updated on Twitter @perma_dao or @perma_daoCN, as well as the PermaDAO community. They have prepared introductory videos and digital cards for various project teams, which you can find on platforms such as Bilibili, YouTube, and Twitter by searching for the PermaDAO account. The entire conference will be broadcasted live, so keep an eye on Twitter and the community for live-streaming-related updates.

Special thanks to the conference's special sponsor, SevenX Ventures, and co-organizer Forward Research (Arweave). Thanks to media partners Foresight News, ODAILY, PANews, Block Tides, LuDong, Golden Finance, MarsBit, Blocklike, CoinDesk, and Cointime.

Thanks also to community partners Upchain DAO, Rebase Community, SeeDAO, BuidlerDAO, MoleDAO, LXDAO, BeWater Community, TinTinLand, ThreeDao, and TokenDance, as well as eco-partners everVision, everPay, Permaswap, Hansa, MindNetwork, ReadOn, Arkreen, Adot, DB3, 4EVERLAND, S31 Labs, Starpower, NostrAssets, WeaveDB and Stamp support this event.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Singapore!

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