everPay crossed 10m transactions!

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everPay crossed 1m transactions a month ago. At the time, the everPay team was optimistic that the total number of transactions would exceed 8 million by the end of the year at the latest, and could even approach 10 million, which is known internally as "keep eight and aim for ten". However, the happiness really came too suddenly because on the last day of August, the number of everpay transactions has exceeded 10 million!

After two years of development, everPay has now moved beyond a single DeFi functionality to provide infrastructure for the entire blockchain. One of the most significant collaborations is with @4everland_org on the Arseeding project, facilitating greater adoption of Arweave in network hosting and data utilization.

More importantly, everPay is beginning to push beyond the boundaries of @ArweaveEco into the broader blockchain mainstream and is currently the only truly universal Layer 2 protocol with scalability, universality, and high performance.

This unexpected delight is certainly based on a series of everPay infrastructure facilities. everPay itself is a universal payment protocol developed by @everVisionHQ and is positioned as a leader within the Arweave ecosystem.

everPay has basic DeFi functions such as transfer, payment, deposit and withdrawal, and is currently compatible with Arweave native PST (Profit Sharing Token), ERC-20 tokens on the EVM compatible chain, and ACNH, an offshore RMB stable-coin originally issued on top of everPay.

Tokens in these three formats can be transferred and accessed within everPay accounts. Furthermore, the #everPay-based DEX @permaswap has contributed significantly to the trading volume. Leveraging the SCP (Storage Consensus Paradigm) theory, it enables transactions with 0 Gas Fees and resistance to MEV, making it a standout choice among DEXs within the Arweave ecosystem.

In the course of this year, everPay has integrated Arweave Name Service (ANS) protocol tokens (ANS) and the content monetization protocol U. Among these, $U is a circulating token generated based on the AR used to pay for Arweave network storage fees, maintaining a 1:1 anchoring relationship with the amount of AR burned. Through Arseeding, users can directly acquire $U. Additionally, users can trade $U directly on @permaswap, earning secondary liquidity rewards.

At this point, it can be slightly summarized as follows. There are three main types of transaction volume within everPay:

  • Transaction data generated by everPay's own transfer, charging and withdrawal services;

  • Data volumes used by related products such as Arseeding and Permaswap;

  • Volume of native data such as $U acquired via Arseeding uploads.

Turning our focus to everPay's impact beyond its own ecosystem, we can see that ecosystem synergies are playing a significant role. One of the most prominent examples is the integration of various projects with Arseeding and everPay, such as @ReadOnMe3 and @4everland_org, which have made substantial contributions to Arweave's data growth through everPay & Arseeding.

Let's take @4everland_org as an example to illustrate everPay's future direction. As a hosting service platform for the network, 4EVERLAND not only supports everPay in paying Gas Fees but also provides hosting services via Arweave, with the resulting data growth being bundled and uploaded to the Arweave mainnet through Arseeding. Thanks to the real-time capabilities of Arseeding, web services can be launched immediately without the need for complex configurations.

In this context, Arweave is no longer limited to a role solely as a data storage platform but is evolving into the foundation of the entire #Web3 ecosystem. A range of new development tools, especially services like Arseeding, are poised to transform the overall landscape of the current Arweave ecosystem.

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