Ecological Mega Event: Arweave Day in Asia will land in Singapore in September

Unconsciously, more than half of the year 2023 has passed. In the past year, countless big and small events have occurred in the blockchain world, and numerous projects have fluctuated on the verge of life and death. As an important infrastructure that has experienced six years of bull and bear markets in the industry, Arweave, after reaching the milestone of 1 billion storage transaction data, will also welcome the annual Asian gathering of the ecosystem, Arweave Day in Asia 2023, in Singapore in September.

Last year, everVision (formerly everFinance) held the first Arweave in Asia 2022 at the Old Parliament House in Singapore, which was also the first large-scale offline gathering of the Arweave ecosystem worldwide. On the day of the conference, Arweave founder Sam Williams, COO Sebastian, and representatives of well-known ecosystem projects such as RedStone, Community Labs, Bundlr, decentland, Akord, ReadON, Metaforo, and others gathered together to announce important progress in ecological projects, including Arweave 2.6.

This year, Arweave Day in Asia 2023 will continue to bring together believers of Web3's Alexandria Library in The Art House, the oldest historical venue in Singapore, to strengthen the consensus on permanent storage for industry development. Among the guests will be Arweave founder Sam, COO Sebastian, everVision founder outprog, CMO Gerry, Mind Network Chief Security Officer Dennis, ReadOn founder Troy, Arkreen Network founder Leo, DB3 co-founder Wang Taize, 4EVERLAND co-founder Claire, Stamp founder Rakis, WeaveDB founder TomoyaNagasawa and CEO AhmadMardeni, DeSchool co-founders Caesar and Lynch, Permaweb News editor PierreSteinClaysky, as well as guests from Bundlr, ar.io, and Akord. New partners like Hansa Network founder Anthony, Starpower founder Laser, S31 Labs CEO Handuo Zhang, Adot CEO Wei, and NostrAssets founder Luke will also participate.

Besides the attendees, special thanks should also be given to the special sponsors of this conference, SevenX Ventures and co-organiser Forward Research (Arweave). We appreciate their unwavering belief in Arweave, which they have consistently conveyed in every related event.

We are grateful to our media friends Foresight News, ODAILY, PANews, Block Tides, Lv Dong, Golden Finance, MarsBit, Blocklike, CoinDesk, and Cointime, for spreading the eternal flame far and wide.

We also extend our thanks to the community partners, Denglian Community, Rebase Community, SeeDAO, BuidlerDAO, MoleDAO, LXDAO, BeWater, TinTinLand, Wanwu Island, and TokenDance, as well as the ecosystem partners everVision, everPay, Permaswap, Hansa, MindNetwork, ReadOn, arkreen, Adot, DB3, 4EVERLAND, S31 Labs, Starpower, NostrAssets, WeaveDB, and Stamp, for their strong support.

Currently, the Arweave Day in Asia conference is being intensively prepared within PermaDAO. We welcome project teams and investment institutions interested in sponsoring this event to scan the QR code on the poster and contact the business person in charge. Let's look forward to this grand event in Lion City in September!

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Translator: Bananaa@ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: John Khor@ Contributor of PermaDAO

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