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Discover ArDrive Public Drives - A look at the top picks

Have you ever wished for a treasure trove of knowledge, accessible forever and free for all? Well, your wish has come true! ArDrive offers a vast collection of Public Drives, where you can explore the mysteries of the world, all stored securely on the Arweave network. 

With endless possibilities and an ever-growing community, ArDrive Public Drives are establishing themselves as a great resource of public permanence.

Let's take a look at some of the best, selected by the ArDrive team themselves. Spoiler alert, Copyright-Free movies like Nosferatu are included within!

Why bother with these drives?

These Public Drives offer something for everyone, from the foodie who wants to take a culinary journey to China, to the tech enthusiast who is fascinated by the history of mechanical keyboards. You can even step into the past and delve into the last issue of the Hong Kong pro-democracy newspaper, Apple Daily, or "venture" into a dim, neon-lit, smoky club with Electronica Music. The possibilities are endless, and it's all free and stored forever on Arweave using the ArDrive protocol.

To some this may seem like something unnecessary, but we must remember that public data can be lost and/or forgotten, often due to neglect or even deliberate destruction. Countless pieces of history, art, and culture have vanished over time, leaving behind a void that may never be filled. This is why it is crucial to preserve our shared heritage and knowledge on platforms that ensure their longevity.

Furthermore, history is often written by the victors they say, and as a result, many perspectives and stories are lost in the process. 

By keeping data on public records and preserving it for future generations, we can ensure that history is inclusive and accurate. Arweave offers the perfect solution for this, allowing for the preservation of data in a decentralised, secure, and permanent way. By using Arweave, we can make certain that our collective human story is available for all to access and explore, forever.

So without further ado, let's dive into the world of ArDrive Public Drives and embark on an adventure through permanence. With every click, we'll uncover a new piece of our shared human history, learn something new, or simply enjoy the vast array of creative content. Remember, this treasure trove is ever-expanding, so keep exploring and join the ArDrive community in their quest for knowledge!

ArDrive Public Drives - Best Of

Below is the list of some of Philip Mataras’ - founder of ArDrive - favourite public drives:


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