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Community Labs Lightens The Task Of Multiple Wallet Integration For Arweave Developers

Software development company Community Labs has released a tool that brings multiple Arweave wallets on a single platform to aid easy integration and cut down developer time. The innovation brings to the Arweave ecosystem similar tools that exist in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Community Labs said in an announcement on Friday that the Arweave wallet kit is the one-stop library for developers on Arweave to facilitate interaction between Arweave wallets and permaweb applications.

In the Web3 space, conventionally, apps decide which wallet they integrate from multiple options. To allow more users access to an app regardless of the wallets they use, developers have to integrate each wallet, an activity that could be onerous.

Now developers can integrate a single solution to support multiple Arweave wallets and Arweave Wallet Kit will handle the intricacies of the integrations, Community Labs stated.

“By providing a unified API and a comprehensive library of React hooks and components, Arweave Wallet Kit seamlessly integrates into the existing Arweave ecosystem, simplifying the development process and empowering developers to create captivating permaweb apps with ease.”

For now, only two wallets are supported by the Arweave wallet, Community Labs said. It however noted that newly created wallets can be added to the toolkit by their builders as it is an open source project.

We have many ideas for potential directions take Arweave Wallet Kit, but we want to gather as much feedback from the community as possible before taking action on a roadmap, Tate Berenbaum, founder of Community Labs, told Permaweb News about what the community should expect.

Early reactions to the release of the Arweave wallet toolkit suggest the ecosystem is thrilled at the ease to build and freedom to choose which the innovation brings.

Amazing, love that the @ArweaveEco values the rights of individuals to choose. Also, kudos to @Commuitylabs for making it easy for dApp developers to support that choice, a Twitter user, DMac wrote.

Wallet choice is one of the magic features of Web3: own your identity and bring your favourite user account UI to any app, Sam Williams, the founder of Arweave and CEO of Forward Research wrote about Community Labs' innovation.

Indeed, the power to choose is a right that companies in Web2 hardly allow users have. Most times, when using Web2 products, users have to use whatever tool or third party companies the Web2 company partners with.

Choice is a really important concept often overlooked when working towards decentralisation, but Arweave Wallet Kit respects it..., Marton Lederer, founder of ArConnect told Permaweb News.

Lederer also said that in addition to giving users of the Arweave technology the power to choose, Community Labs is also aiming to promote fair competition.

We support community driven improvements. It is the best way to incentivise product growth, but we also that users and developers should not have barriers when relying on competing products, Lederer said.

"We're all in this together, so our main goal is to drive forward the ecosystem, so we want to make all of it completely accessible."


Adeola is a journalist at Arweave News. As a former freelance journalist, his works were published by Newlines Magazine, The Continent and the Mail and Guardian. He has interest in the intersection of technology and human lives.

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