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Breaking Barriers in Web3 Music Videos - A Glass User Experience by STØNEWÅX.eth

As the Web3 age unfolds, innovative artists like STØNEWÅX.eth are striding at the forefront, merging their music with technology to push the boundaries of what's possible. Using Glass' Web3 music NFT marketplace and platform, STØNEWÅX.eth was able to access a whole new platform to distribute his music on - particularly his song "The Rendering (Feat Ni!)". The fact that Glass uses Arweave on the backend for data storage, means his music video will live forever on the blockchain.

In our exclusive interview, STØNEWÅX.eth shares his journey with Glass, contrasts it with traditional Web2 platforms such as YouTube, and envisions the transformative potential of Web3 music platforms.

Let's dive in!

STØNEWÅX.eth's Journey on Glass

The journey began with an intriguing discovery.

"I started collecting glass vids from an artist named iGoByLC," STØNEWÅX.eth says, revealing his initial encounter with Glass.

This experience sparked curiosity, inspiring him to use Glass as a novel channel for his music.

In the era of ubiquitous tech giants, Glass stood out as a refreshing alternative, offering a more personal and engaged experience. Unlike YouTube and similar platforms, he felt Glass was unique due to its tangible human element.

"My experience was better... because there's actual humans behind the glass... not a giant corp owned by another corp etc etc..," he comments, highlighting a critical distinction.

The simplicity of uploading music on Glass also intrigued STØNEWÅX.eth. "The upload process was similar to every other upload. Just create the [smart] contract and dump some content. Easy!" he exclaims. It is the seamless incorporation of blockchain technology that gives the platform a significant edge over others. The technology not only streamlined the upload process but also provided a straightforward way of assigning ownership rights and sharing profits.

Speaking about how blockchain has influenced his audience interactions and monetisation, STØNEWÅX.eth views Glass as just another content platform, albeit with an extra layer of functionality.

I just feel this is another content platform. It's free to watch the video... and people can collect if they want to, he clarifies.

Despite the addition of crypto technologies, he believes the platform remains an accessible space for music enjoyment and sharing.

His track 'The Rendering', featuring brass written and produced by Ni!, is a shining example of how Glass can enhance the collaborative process.

The collab split was arranged well before the video drop... owners/rights holders can be written into the contract. In this case, the video creator became a shareholder, he explains.

In contrast to traditional arrangements, blockchain enables a more transparent and equitable division of profits and rights - and it's all automatic.

For STØNEWÅX.eth, the Glass community has been a source of incredible support and engagement. "The Glass community has been awesome and very responsive. They gave me quality feedback and helped me promote it along the way," he shares enthusiastically.

Discussing the production of his music video with SNCKPCK, STØNEWÅX.eth sees more opportunities than challenges in the transition from a traditional music video to an NFT. "I feel like there aren't challenges here... it's a no-brainer to cut in the creators. Especially if you're on a budget," he says, indicating the financial advantages for creators in the NFT space.

Looking Forward

Peering into the future, STØNEWÅX.eth is excited about the opportunities offered by Web3 platforms like Glass. He reveals his plans of uploading and token gating live sets on Glass: "I will be uploading and token gating live sets. I look forward to this."

STØNEWÅX.eth's advice for fellow artists considering venturing into the Web3 space is both practical and encouraging. "Try it! If you don't like it, then maybe try something else. It's all very low risk I feel," he asserts, highlighting the low-entry barrier and potential benefits of such platforms.

Finally, he was pleasantly surprised to learn that Glass stores all files on Arweave, another example of the innovative intertwining of blockchain technology and content sharing platforms. "I did not know this. But I figured that most platforms need some assistance ;)," he chuckles, signaling a willingness to embrace these intertwined technologies.

Check out The Rendering (Feat Ni!) - by STØNEWÅX here.

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