Arweave Weekly Highlights: Week 38

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Arweave data for last week: The mainnet processed a total of 20,616,986 transactions and achieved 322 GB of storage in a single week.

The storage cost for this week is 0.799 AR/GB, with an increase of 583 on-chain addresses.

PermaDAO distributed a total of 1413.4 $AR last week as contribution incentives.

Weekly News Summary

🔥Arweave Asia Summer Hackathon ushered in the award ceremony.

🔥PermaDAO and MAPDAO announced strategic cooperation.

🔥 Arweave and PermaDAO partner with TypoGraphy AI!

🔥 everPay announces the launch of $MAP token.

🔥 everVision development team has updated everScan.

🔥 KYVE’s Axelar Network data pool is officially launched!

🔥 KYVE introduces Supervysor, a node supervision tool.

🔥 ar.io launches open source Chrome extension WayFinder.

🔥 RedStone integrates Gelato.

🔥 RedStone integrates Premia Blue.

🔥 3em merged with SmartWeave.kv.

🔥 Adot partners with Club3.

🔥 4EVERLAND has established a partnership with Bubbleswap.

🔥 Alex. announced the integration of atomic asset exchange BazAR.

🔥 MaskNetwork joins MathVerse to build and cooperate with it.

🔥 ArConnect launches version 1.0.4, which has upgraded the user experience.

🔥Mind Network won first place in the Ethereum Singapore 2023 Hackathon.

🔥 WeaveDB successfully completed the first batch of ambassador program, attracting more than 300 members from around the world to sign up.

Project Progress

  1. KYVE’s Axelar Network data pool is officially launched!

    • A new mainnet data pool that archives and verifies Axelar chains, allowing their ecosystem to build, analyze, and synchronize with the chain’s data in a free, trustless way.

    • The data pool is online, validators can join the network or track chain data, and can also use the KSYNC tool to achieve minute-level synchronization. Users can analyze historical data for use in development activities and projects.


  2. 3em merges with SmartWeave.kv to support more efficient Arweave data reading and writing.

    • decent.land The team added SmartWeave.kv support for 3em, which allows developers using 3em and MEM to read and write Arweave data more efficiently.

    • Using a key-value store, rather than processing the entire MEM contract state each time, developers can store or read the exact data they need (complexity O(1) instead of O(n)).


  3. The everVision development team has updated everScan.

    • The latest update includes improved search functionality, using the Domain Name System (ANS) to search transaction data, providing a more convenient way to find it.

    • everScan now displays all transaction data to provide comprehensive blockchain transaction information while optimizing data loading speed to allow users to access data more quickly and efficiently. These updates are designed to improve user experience and make blockchain exploration smoother and more efficient.


  4. ArConnect launched version 1.0.4 and upgraded the user experience.

    • ArConnect updates include displaying AR token price information, adding a connection status indicator, and simplifying the transfer page.


  5. The Arweave Asia Summer Hackathon hosted by PermaDAO ushered in the awards ceremony.

    • Arweave The Asia Summer Hackathon finally held its awards ceremony after 3 months, and the award ceremony of the 14 final submitted projects was announced.

    • After multiple evaluations by professional judges, media reviews, etc., one ecological rookie project, Cascad3, two projects with unlimited potential, ProtocolSign and Soulcial, as well as five best participating projects, including Public Vector Database, Deschool, Apus Network, Smarter AA Wallet, and FancyLink.


  6. ar.io launches open source Chrome extension WayFinder.

    • WayFinder leverages ar.io Network's Gateway Address Registry (GAR) for algorithmic gateway selection, enabling the ar:// protocol in the Chrome browser.

    • The ar:// protocol is a web address scheme that enables users to navigate Arweave transactions by ArNS name or transaction ID.


  7. Mind Network won first place in the Ethereum Singapore Hackathon 2023 and participated in multiple events and discussions.

    • Mind Network had a huge success at the TOKEN2049 conference where they launched their Zero Trust Data Lake product and attracted over 13,000 developers to join.

    • They also participated in multiple events, met face-to-face with Vitalik, and won first place in the Ethereum Singapore 2023 Hackathon.


  8. KYVE has introduced Supervysor, a node supervision tool, to improve the user experience of protocol verifiers and improve data verification efficiency.

    • KYVE’s development team created the node supervision tool Supervysor to solve unnecessary cost and data management efficiency issues.

    • Supervysor ensures nodes are synchronized with data pools and validators, reducing storage costs. The KYVE team plans to further improve Supervysor to provide backup solutions and address validator barriers.


  9. Alex. announced the integration of atomic asset exchange BazAR.

    • Alex. Integration with BazAR demonstrates the endless possibilities of using composable data on permaweb.

    • Alex. Pool operators can earn $AR by maintaining the pool, and contributors can earn $U by listing Artifact sponsorships on BazAR.


  10. everPay announced the launch of $MAP token.

    • All $MAP holders can now enjoy secure, instant and 0 gas fee transactions on everPay.

    • The listing of $MAP tokens on everPay provides a more convenient option for MAPDAO community reward distribution.


  11. WeaveDB successfully completed the first batch of ambassador program, attracting more than 300 members from around the world to sign up.

    • WeaveDB’s Ambassador Program is designed to encourage individuals who actively contribute to WeaveDB’s growth and success.

    • Ambassador responsibilities include evangelizing WeaveDB and web3, promoting the growth of the WeaveDB community, and creating a positive and welcoming environment within the community.

    • Ambassadors who perform well will receive token rewards, fast track to future positions at WeaveDB, and more.


Project Collaborations & Integrations

  1. RedStone integrates Premia Blue to provide it with transparent, timely and reliable price data.

    • This cooperation strengthens Premia Blue’s operations in the DeFi field. RedStone’s flexibility allows new price data sources to be quickly added, increasing the stability of the protocol.

    • RedStone introduces a time-weighted average price (TWAP) data source and an accurate on-chain price mechanism to enhance protection against price manipulation.


  2. RedStone integrates Gelato to provide it with a cheaper price source.

    • Gelato is Web3's infrastructure platform that enables builders to create automated, gas-free, and off-chain-aware zkL2 networks. It launched zkRollup as a Service, allowing users to easily create their own Rollups.

    • zkRaaS is a product designed to facilitate customized L2, similar to SaaS, without user maintenance.

    • RedStone emphasizes that L2 requires Oracles to use off-chain data, and its architecture can make it cheaper for L2 to use RedStone price feeds.


  3. Adot partners with Club3.

  4. PermaDAO and MAPDAO announced a strategic cooperation to jointly promote the governance and development of the DAO organization.

    • MAPDAO is committed to building the Map ecosystem and providing education and resources to new entrants.

    • PermaDAO will provide support for MAPDAO and share community resources, including task distribution and settlement tool everpay and other operational governance tools, to accelerate the realization of our common vision.


  5. 4EVERLAND establishes a partnership with Bubbleswap.

    • Bubbleswap is the leading Centralized Liquidity Market Maker (CLMM) on Aptos and Ethereum. It provides LPs with the flexibility to choose price ranges and fee tiers.

    • Bubbleswap’s decentralized website frontend is hosted via 4EVERLAND.


  6. In the sixth round of the RedStone Expedition event, RedStone partners with Yield Yak.

    • RedStone Expedition is a cooperative traffic-driving event that allows the community to participate, complete tasks and receive rewards.

    • The partner for the second round of activities is Yield Yak - a platform that provides tools for DeFi users on Avalanche, aiming to save users time and gas fees, and earn compound interest benefits. Users can receive exclusive OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token) by completing tasks.


  7. MaskNetwork joins MathVerse and will cooperate to explore more potential opportunities in the metaverse and jointly build the MathVerse ecosystem.

    • MathVerse is the first AI collaboration to co-create the metaverse and digital life NFT project powered by MathWallet and Collectify.


  8. Arweave and PermaDAO team up with TypoGraphy AI!

    • TypoGraphy AI is a Web3 industry information dialogue and learning platform. Users can obtain vertical consultation on projects, assets, activities, technical architecture, etc. through dialogue.

    • TypoGraphy AI is supported by vertical vector database and multi-agent large language model fine-tuning technology provided by KNN3 Network, and currently has 226,278 registered users.


    Ecosystem Education

    1. DMac Re-recorded the speech at the Arweave Data in Asia event.

      • The content of the speech is the history of on-chain scaling: from Bitcoin to Arweave.


    2. Everyone can create React applications on Arweave with a one-time payment and no monthly fees.

      • React apps can be compiled into bundles and uploaded to Permaweb as transactions, where they act as Single Page Applications (SPAs).

      • Use the Cookbook to learn about two ways to build React apps: using Vite and Create React App.

      • Cookbook teaches you how to: set up a sample project, understand how Permaweb application routing works, create an Arweave wallet, and deploy a React application to Permaweb.


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