Arweave Weekly Highlights: Week 36

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Arweave data from last week: The mainnet completed a total of 25,332,255 transactions, achieving 336.3 GB of storage in a single week!

This week's storage cost is 0.799 AR/GB, with an increase of 600 on-chain addresses!

PermaDAO distributed a total of 1299.18 $AR as contribution incentives last week!

Weekly News Summary

🔥 Arweave Day in Asia is approaching, scheduled for September 12th at the Old Parliament House in Singapore.

🔥 AR.IO has launched the Gateway Address Registry (GAR).

🔥 KYVE's mainnet data pool is now live.

🔥 KYVE is collaborating with LearnWeb3 to host a decentralized smart hackathon.

🔥 KYVE is participating in various events, including Korea Blockchain Week and Interchain Hackathon.

🔥 Actually Open AI Hackathon started on September 6th with prizes totaling $17,500.

🔥 Akord has reached the milestone of 500,000 transactions!

🔥 Sarcophagus team has introduced V2 on the Ethereum mainnet.

🔥 Molecular Execution Machine (MEM) has launched MEM IDE.

🔥 Kwil is dedicated to building idOS.

🔥 Redstone has integrated with Telos.

🔥 ReadON announced funding from Skyland Ventures.

🔥 4EVERLAND announced a partnership with PhishFort.

🔥 Fair Protocol saves AI-generated content as atomic assets for easy trading on the BazAR marketplace.

Project Progress

  1. The Sarcophagus team has launched V2 on the Ethereum mainnet.

    • This update enhances promotion and network operations, ensures consistency of content and updates, and accelerates project ideation and execution.

    • By merging the Growth subDAO into the Ambassador subDAO, task system unity and ambassador team synergy have been improved.


  2. Molecular Execution Machine (MEM) has introduced MEM IDE, providing users with an easy-to-use environment.

    • MEM IDE integrates all MEM development tools into a web application, allowing users to easily enter the development environment, start building without the need to learn CLI, API, or delve into contract syntax.

    • MEM IDE configurations allow users to clone templates, learn through examples, and go from 0 to 1 with MEM.


  3. KYVE is collaborating with LearnWeb3 to host a decentralized smart hackathon.

    • LearnWeb3 is a leading educational platform in the Web3 space, offering a wide range of educational courses, resources, and tools to help developers learn and grow in the Web3 space.


  4. KYVE is participating in multiple events: first-time participation in Korea Blockchain Week, sponsoring Interchain Hackathon, and more.

    • KYVE will participate in Korea Blockchain Week for the first time, a great opportunity to expand its presence and connections in the Asian market.

    • KYVE will co-sponsor Interchain Hackathon this year, aiming to become your trusted data hub, unleashing creativity.

    • KYVE team member @BramasPaul will be speaking at Hacker House on September 7th.

    • They will also participate in multiple events and gatherings, including @a41_allforone's Builders Hub, @dsrvlabs' Builder House, ZK community gatherings, EpicETHInfraDay, and PolymerDAO's xDapp Developer Day.


  5. ReadON announced funding from Skyland Ventures.

    • Skyland Ventures is a venture capital fund primarily focused on seed-stage investments and has invested in approximately 150 Japanese startups.


  6. 4EVERLAND announced a partnership with PhishFort to gain comprehensive anti-phishing and brand protection.

    • PhishFort is a South African anti-phishing solution developer that provides anti-phishing solutions for digital asset exchanges, ICOs, token issuance platforms, and more.


  7. Redstone has integrated with Telos, providing accurate data.

    • Telos is a third-generation blockchain platform designed for building fast, scalable distributed applications through free transactions. Telos uses an environmentally friendly DPoS model and has been operational since 2018.


  8. KYVE's mainnet data pool is now live, providing reliable backup for the Archway ecosystem, with data available for dashboards, data analysis, and more.

    • Archway is a smart contract platform on Cosmos, and it has chosen KYVE as the solution to safeguard chain history from becoming outdated.

    • KYVE enables builders on Archway to easily access the data they need for dashboards, data analysis, and other purposes.


  9. In the fourth round of the RedStone Expedition, RedStone partnered with DeltaPrime.

    • RedStone Expedition is a collaborative incentive event that engages the community to complete tasks and earn rewards.

    • The collaboration for the second round of the event is with DeltaPrime, a decentralized lending and investment platform, where users can earn exclusive OAT (On-chain Achievement Token) by completing tasks.


  10. Akord has achieved the milestone of 500,000 transactions!

    • Akord is a digital vault built on Arweave, offering secure and private file storage with one-time payment and permanent storage, as well as multi-user collaboration.

    • The first 250,000 transactions took 19 months, while the next 250,000 transactions took only 3 months. With this growth rate, 1 million transactions will be reached soon.


  11. Fair Protocol makes a significant announcement: AI-generated content on Fair Protocol is automatically saved as atomic assets, making it easy to trade on the BazAR marketplace.

    • This is a major breakthrough for AI creators and collectors.

    • Recently, Fair Protocol's raccoon series has been launched on the BazAR marketplace.


  12. AR.IO has launched the Gateway Address Registry (GAR), laying the foundation for network effects and incentives for Arweave gateways.

    • Gateway Address Registry (GAR) is a decentralized registry hosted on the AR.IO SmartWeave contract, designed to provide flexibility for easy querying, sorting, and filtering, allowing users to customize their choices as needed.

    • With GAR, developers can experiment with novel use cases:

      • Integrating gateway selectors into applications and wallets;

      • Achieving gateway discovery and visibility;

      • Implementing the ar:// URI protocol.


  13. Arweave Day in Asia is coming soon, scheduled for September 12th at the Old Parliament House in Singapore, with over 100 builders and investors from the Arweave ecosystem expected to attend.

    • The conference will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions, featuring topics such as Arweave ecosystem report release, Permaweb content collaboration, application usage, and infrastructure discussions. Additionally, the latest developments in the Arweave ecosystem will be unveiled during the event.

    • Attendees will receive rewards, including AR airdrop rewards and practical Arweave-related gifts.


  14. Actually Open AI Hackathon started on September 6th with a prize pool of $17,500.

    • Actually Open AI Hackathon is a 6-day virtual hackathon focused on exploring the combination of Arweave and AI technologies.

    • Awards will be given based on three criteria: best overall performance, best use of Arweave for general data licenses, and best use of atomic assets and the BazAR marketplace.


  15. Kwil is dedicated to building idOS, offering permissionless database services.

    • idOS (Identity Operating System) is an open-source, composable, and interoperable solution designed to serve as the identity verification layer for Web3.


Ecosystem Education

  1. Permaswap tweet: Two ways to become a Permaswap LP.

    • Permaswap is the first real-time cross-chain DEX in the Arweave ecosystem, featuring zero gas fees, zero front-running slippage, and 100% permanent data storage.

    • There are two ways to become an LP on the Permswap DEX: download the Permaswap client or run a node.

    • The Permaswap client is an easy-to-use application while running a node requires the Line command-line client.


  2. Only Arweave tweet: What does Arweave mean for everyone?

    • For businesses: Companies needing secure backups for various records can use Arweave.

    • For blockchain: Arweave serves as a bridge to other blockchains.

    • For everyone: Arweave is not just file storage; it creates a permanent web. Everyone can share and authorize works, and create permanent websites, and apps.


  3. ArDrive post explains how to use ArDrive CLI to add Universal Data Licenses (UDL).


  4. Molecular Execution Machine tweet: A wider view of MEM in the context of smart contracts and serverless functions.

    • MEM contracts and states are permanent and openly accessible for trustless evaluation on Arweave.

    • MEM Coordinator is a centrally hosted node that provides scalability similar to serverless platforms like AWS Lambda but with transparency of smart contracts.

    • Dive into the documentation to understand MEM use cases: https://docs.mem.tech/introduction/use-case-examples


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