Arweave Weekly Highlights: Week 34 (PermaDAO Edition)

Arweave data from last week: The mainnet completed a total of 20,517,321 transactions, achieving 453.6 GB of storage in a single week!

This week's storage cost is 0.799 AR/GB, with an increase of 861 on-chain addresses!

PermaDAO distributed a total of 968.12 $AR as contribution incentives last week!

Weekly News Summary

🔥 Othent has launched Othent Mobile, offering features such as permanent storage and NFT minting.

🔥 Permaswap and everPay optimized the token order list.

🔥 BarAR has introduced several atomic asset series, including Perma Shades, Permanence, and Everything Hurts.

🔥 Universal Commenting Protocol is now live.

🔥 MEM (Molecular Execution Machine) now has a local test network for convenient contract testing without deployment.

🔥 Mind Network and TypeIt are collaborating to build Web3.

🔥 RedStone partners with OP Mainnet to provide reliable data sources.

🔥 4everland partners with HashKey.

🔥 4everland partners with SWAGGA.

🔥 4everland partners with prestigious LineaBuild, marking a significant milestone.

🔥 Arweave Asia Summer Hackathon Demo Day concluded on August 24, 2023 (Beijing time).

🔥 Warp Contracts announces Arweave Day Warsaw event.

🔥 Uddy aka will be speaking on behalf of the Arweave ecosystem at the Web3Lagos conference in Nigeria.

🔥 Akord releases a self-made Web3 glossary covering over 180 terms.

Project Progress

  1. BarAR introduces several atomic asset series, including Perma Shades, Permanence, and Everything Hurts.

  2. Mind Network collaborates with TypeIt to build Web3.

    • TypeIt is a revolutionary Web3 keyboard project allowing users to earn passive income through everyday typing.


  3. Permaswap and everPay optimized the token order list.

    • Both Permaswap and everPay optimize token arrangement in asset lists based on value, for easy asset tracking.


  4. 4everland partners with prestigious LineaBuild, marking a significant milestone.

    • Linea is the next evolution of ConsenSys zkEVM, supporting the new generation of dapps built on Ethereum.

    • Linea developers can quickly host websites, NFTs, and files on Arweave, IPFS, Dfinity, and BNB Greenfield using 4EVERLAND.


  5. Othent launches Othent Mobile, providing permanent storage, NFT minting, and more.

    • Othent Mobile is a Safari extension allowing Google account holders to access Arweave apps seamlessly.

    • Othent Mobile is in testing and not recommended as a primary Arweave wallet.

    • Othent Mobile enables permanent data storage, Permapages activation, adding content to Alex. project, and NFT minting using UDL protocol.


  6. Universal Commenting Protocol is now live.

    • Universal Commenting Protocol was proposed by DMac on the 'Stamp Show' program. It is similar to Disqus, which is a third-party social commenting system primarily providing website owners with comment hosting services.

    • This protocol will enable users to interact with content on Arweave and sign with their wallets to verify their authorship.

    • Universal Commenting Protocol allows comments to be permanently stored and prevents arbitrary censorship or deletion, thus granting users the freedom to express thoughts, communicate, and foster a strong community.

    • The Universal Commenting Protocol is now live and can be utilized in various Arweave projects, such as RareWeave and BarAR.


  7. MEM (Molecular Execution Machine) now has a local test network for convenient contract testing.

    • Developers can now utilize the local testing network to test MEM contracts without the need for deployment.

    • Developers can run the contract by providing contract source code, test data, and scenarios all within a single script.

    • A comprehensive example is available in the README for reference. Developers are welcome to visit https://github.com/decentldotland/mem-testnet/ for experimentation.


  8. 4everland partners with SWAGGA.

    • SWAGGA is an AI-driven immersive metaverse project focusing on fashion.


  9. Arweave Asia Summer Hackathon Demo Day concluded on August 24, 2023.

    • The Arweave Asia Summer Hackathon hosted by PermaDAO showcased the results of participating teams' summer work.

    • Demo Day featured 13 projects with over 20 judges providing feedback.


  10. Warp Contracts announces Arweave Day Warsaw event.

    • Arweave Day Warsaw is co-hosted by Warp Contracts and Forward Research, starting on August 29th, with event hours from 9:30 to 20:00 (CEST).

    • Featured event speakers include the ecosystem founder and several prominent project founders, including Sam Williams, Jakub Wojciechowski, Dominik Schmid, and more.

    • Event highlights encompass understanding Arweave's permanent storage mechanism, networking with ecosystem projects and their founders, participating in practical workshops, and exploring potential entrepreneurial opportunities.


  11. In the second round of RedStone Expedition, RedStone collaborates with Spark.

    • RedStone Expedition is an exciting event that engages the community to complete tasks and earn rewards.

    • The collaboration partner for the second round is Spark - the decentralized order book on the Fuel Network. Users can receive exclusive OAT (On-chain Achievement Token) by completing tasks.


  12. RedStone partners with OP Mainnet to provide reliable data sources.

    • OP Mainnet is a low-cost, lightning-fast Ethereum L2 blockchain supported by Optimism.

    • RedStone believes that innovative DeFi protocols require novel Oracle solutions, enabling builders to innovate while reducing costs and time investment.

    • RedStone's data consumption model and customizability make unprecedented dApp development possible.


  13. 4everland partners with HashKey.

    • HashKey is the first licensed retail virtual asset exchange in Hong Kong.

    • To celebrate the opening of HashKey, 4everland and HashKey have introduced co-branded giveaways.


  14. Uddy aka will be speaking at the Web3Lagos conference in Nigeria.

    • Uddy aka, a developer relations engineer, will focus on the complexity of the Arweave protocol.

    • Arweave will provide meetup grants to help Uddy aka establish a community in Nigeria and encourage more participation in the Arweave ecosystem.


Ecosystem Education

  1. Bundlr article: Bundlr is the only solution to the Provenance Trilemma.

    • The Provenance Trilemma represents the trade-offs that the original source layer had to make in the past. It describes the balance between data permanence, precision, and unconstraint.

    • Bundlr becomes the exclusive solution to the Provenance Trilemma, fulfilling every aspect of it and providing robust traceability for data.

    • Bundlr's data is stored permanently on Arweave, with precise timestamps and attributes. Reading, writing, and verifying data are unrestricted, completely unconstrained.


  2. Mind Network educates about maintaining data privacy when using machine learning models.

    • Focus on introducing zero-knowledge machine learning (ZKML) and privacy-preserving machine learning (PPML).

    • ZKML uses cryptographic proof to assure users of model accuracy while keeping its parameters confidential. It's like unlocking valuable insights without revealing the treasure map!

    • On the other hand, PPML injects noise into the data, adding a touch of mystery to the data, making it impossible to identify individual data points. It's like using a secret cloak to conceal your information!

    • These cutting-edge technologies have a revolutionary impact on protecting data privacy in machine learning applications, acting as guardians.


  3. Akord releases a self-made Web3 glossary covering over 180 terms.

    • The Web3 glossary is alphabetically sorted from A to Z, encompassing explanations for over 180 terms.

    • Whether you're a beginner or a blockchain expert, the Web3 glossary always has something to learn from.



  1. Sam tweets: Web3 is about building a cyberspace that guarantees and improves user rights.

    • Sam criticizes the viewpoint that "web3 is vibes," interpreting it as "I am here to get fat off VC money and try to look cool at yacht parties."

    • He emphasizes, "Web3 is about building a cyberspace that guarantees and improves user rights. Everything else is noise."


  2. Frank (Web3 Comm. Manager) tweets 10 reasons to choose WeaveDB.

    • Reasons include fast query performance, cheap permanent storage, prepaid gas fees, cross-chain crypto authentication, decentralized API, cross-chain data bridge, data encryption, scalability, built-in decentralized indexer, and scheduled tasks.


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