Arseeding 1.0 Release: Arweave ANS-104 (Bundle) Light Node for any Developer!

The Arweave development component Arseeding by everFinance had a major upgrade! It’s fully open-sourced which can be deployed and used by any developer, with fully distributed as well as decentralized hosting of the application data.

Arseeding is an Arweave light node serving Permaweb. By solving the problem of Arweave full node state explosion, each developer only focuses on their own application data without having to deploy over 70 TB of Arweave full nodes. 

Arseeding provides the following features:

  • Packaging data onto chain service: Arseeding supports Arweave native API. Developers can submit Arweave Transaction data to Arseeding for transaction packaging, without waiting for the transaction to be packed onto the chain, and can use application data in advance.
  • Light Node: Native data sharding with downloading and storing only the data that business parties care about, e.g. everPay only cares about everPay’s business data, ArDrive only cares about ArDrive-related files storage, Akord only cares about Akord-related storage. There is absolutely no need to store more than 70 TB of data per business party, no need to deploy full nodes. Using Arseeding makes sure the application only synchronizes business-related data.
  • Gateway Caching (CDN): Higher speed data download capabilities for applications. More Arseeding distributed business gateway will provide the best Permaweb experience for every application!
  • Data seeding: If a developer has difficulty accessing data that was once packaged, Arseeding can be used as a solution. Developers can instruct Arseeding to request and download specific data to the entire network, or to broadcast specific data to the entire network, making the data more guaranteed to live forever in the Arweave network.

Arseeding major updates!

  • ANS-104 support! With this update, Arseeding will fully support ANS-104. Developers can submit large amounts of data to the Arseeding node, and the node will ensure that the data is sent to the Arweave node in bulk via the ANS-104 protocol bundle and that 100% of the data is stored forever. In addition, using ANS-104, MetaMask users can also upload files seamlessly.
  • AWS S3 support! Arseeding supports using blob to store data files, and now there’s an even better option – configure Amazon S3 as storage for Arseeding!
  • Supports everPay multi-token, multi-chain payments with no fees! Developers deploy Arseeding nodes not only for their own business but also for public use by all ecosystem users! Public Arseeding nodes will use everPay for payments. After uploading data to the public Arseeding node, users only need to use everPay to make a gas-free payment to get Arweave’s permanent storage service. everPay currently supports 4 blockchains and dozens of digital assets, so users don’t need to worry about not having AR native tokens or paying high miner’s fees for other public chains, they can use any everPay-backed token to immortalize their files on Arweave.

Developers are welcome to download and use the fully open source Arseeding to experience efficient and easy-to-use decentralized storage!

Arseeding Node Deployment and Usage Guide:

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