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ArDrive releases v1.44, raises file size limits, and announces competition winners

ArDrive has released version 1.44 of its app, which removes a limit previously set on public file uploads. This means that users can now upload larger files to public drives without any restrictions (private drive functionality is also coming soon). Although there is technically no limit to the file size that users can upload, and the ArDrive team has tested the upload process for files up to 10GB, a warning will appear for files larger than 5GB to account for network issues that may occur during the upload. The Command Line Interface (CLI) limit, however, remains at 2GB for now.

In response to a user’s question on Twitter, ArDrive has stated that they are working on un-limiting the CLI too, an update which should be available soon.

ArDrive recently held a competition at “Arweave at ETH Denver”, where users were able to take photos in an ArDrive photo booth and post them to Twitter, tagging ArDrive in the process. The winners were to receive ArDrive tokens. The winners have now been announced.

ArDrive is set to attend SXSW2023, where they will celebrate independent music and decentralised data.

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