ArConnect 1.0 Officially launched, Arweave Ecosystem Entry Upgraded!

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On August 14, 2023, ArConnect, the Arweave ecosystem wallet, officially launched its version 1.0, with a redesign of permission management, gateway settings, built-in message sources, and Warp DRE nodes.

After the successful upgrade, ArConnect will take on the crucial role of facilitating communication between various applications within the Arweave ecosystem, as well as serving as a significant gateway to attract external mainstream users to the Arweave ecosystem.

Up to now, ArConnect has been downloaded over 17.2K times, supports 20+ Dapps including everPay, and has achieved the open-sourcing of the wallet and the external opening of its API.

Most importantly, ArConnect has successfully passed the SpearbitDAO security audit and penetration testing, making it the first audited wallet app in the Arweave ecosystem.

Integrated Development, More Features without Extra Costs

Following this upgrade, there will no longer be a distinction between ArConnect and the Beta version, and the two will be merged into the ArConnect wallet. Existing users can activate the new version through the previous mnemonic phrases, and their assets in the wallet will be updated synchronically.

Different from the simplicity of the previous version, version 1.0 will come with significantly expanded functionalities. In addition to the traditional asset display, sending and receiving. This update also introduces two new interfaces: Explore and Settings, to help users better understand the Arweave ecosystem.

  • The Explore page will become the information hub of the Arweave ecosystem, which will not only display more detailed information about AR and other assets’ prices and holdings but also has built-in ArDrive, ViewBlock, and PermaDAO display pages. This makes it convenient for users to directly access leading applications within the ecosystem. Secondly, the page will host a Feed stream that incorporates news and information from Permaweb News, serving as the most important authoritative information source of Arweave.

  • The Settings page contains various highly customizable details for users, including dApp link details, such as permission management, gateway settings, and Warp DRE nodes. Furthermore, users can fine-tune settings for wallet assets, such as managing multiple addresses, refining payment settings, etc.

At present, the official presentation showcases a number of applications that are natively compatible with ArConnect, including the Permaswap DEX, music NFT marketplace Pianity, and many other projects. Taking Permaswap as an example, users can engage in a variety of operations such as deposits, trading, and asset management.

Security-First, Serving Developers

Throughout its history, Arweave projects have been predominantly community-driven. As a growing number of mainstream users begin to engage with the Arweave ecosystem, the importance of developers has become increasingly prominent. This release of ArConnect also puts a strong emphasis on the developer experience.

ArConnect initiated the audit report, and the wallet was evaluated as a very low risk after undergoing the auditing process.

In addition, ArConnect has also disclosed its API source code and provided comprehensive API documentation, which is convenient for developers to reuse and build new DApps by leveraging it.

Furthermore, ArConnect has also launched two developer tools: ArConnect Devtools and ArLocal Devtools. The former can be used for link-related development, and the latter assists developers to test locally.

Combined with the Arweave Wallet Kit previously launched by Community Labs, the developer of ArConnect, these tools comprehensively address the needs of developers for ID services and wallet integration within the Arweave ecosystem.

As we move towards an era where the next hundred million mainstream users are anticipated, the importance of wallets is undeniable, and the launch of ArConnect will contribute to the holistic development of the Arweave ecosystem.

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