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Akord Public Vaults and New Preview Feature

Akord, the Arweave utilising permanent storage solution, has unleashed one of the most anticipated features on their roadmap. We’ve all been waiting for them, and now they’re here. Akord Public Vaults are live, and we couldn’t be more excited.

After having focused on privacy and encryption, in order to perfect their Encrypted Vaults feature, Akord have now turned their focus on perfecting the next big stage of the roadmap. Akord has always been more than just a storage solution – offering functionalities on their platform, such as note-taking and messaging, and Public Vaults can definitely play to the tune of multi-functionality too. We await to see what use cases users come up with via their utilisation.

One thing is for sure. By utilising Arweave’s Permaweb, Akord has created a place for public domain records, literature, and anything else intended to be shared as open source, to live. On top of that, sharing via a Public Vault is really simple.

Let’s take a look.

Public Vault

From now on, upon selecting to create a new Vault on the Akord Platform, users will be faced with the choice of either making an Encrypted (private) Vault, or a Public Vault.

In line with keeping everything visually appealing, like their messaging feature – Akord has colour-coded all files that are public, versus those that are encrypted, to make things visually appealing to the user. If you create an Encrypted Vault, all the asset icons will be orange, whereas it’s blue for the Public assets.

This will definitely help avoid any human error on the user side. The truth of the matter is that if you are uploading something for private use (e.g. family photos) to Arweave, and you know it’s going to be there forever, you definitely do not want to accidentally make it public and unencrypted. And vice versa, but maybe that one is not as bad as the first.

Public Vaults carry many of the features of their Encrypted Vault predecessors. For example, the ability for users to invite contributors (with a choice of editor or viewer permissions) to their vault. However, one of the major differences between the two, is the lack of the built-in messaging system that you get on the Encrypted ones.

Most importantly, seeing as the Public Vaults are, well, public, it makes sense for the assets on there to be easily sharable. That is why Akord has included a share button that copies the link to the permanently stored asset right to your clipboard.

Check out Akord and Public Vaults yourself right here on the Akord website. At time of writing, Akord offers 500mb of free space, so there is nothing to lose whatsoever. You will also be set up to try the many upcoming features of Akord.

Speaking of which.

Upcoming features

First up, let’s start with the obvious. The feature on the list most relevant to Public Vaults, will be Vault Sharing.

As mentioned above, users have the ability to share assets via the share button. However there is no option to share the entire vault as of yet. The Vault Sharing feature, which will change that, is highly dependent on one other upcoming feature, the Akord Explorer.

Akord Explorer is Akord’s Arweave explorer (for data uploaded through the Akord protocol) and will be arriving in the coming weeks.

One other upcoming feature (one of our favourites) is the ability to mint an NFT on file upload!

In a bid to create the simplest and cleanest way of making an NFT, users will be able to select a file to mint as an atomic NFT at the moment of upload, including the creation of metadata! In turn they can share the link to the NFT on socials, and users that click on it will be directed straight back to The Gallery.

What’s The Gallery you ask?

Check out Akord’s latest improvement to their platform below. And to learn more about Akord’s upcoming features, see our full deep dive on the protocol here.


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