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Akord and Dedoco bring Digital Document Signing to Web3

Akord is an Arweave utilising permanent storage solution that aims to become the de facto app for storage on the permaweb. They are focused on developing a platform that is built on Web3 but has the ease of use of what people have come to know on Web2. As they continue to strive on, step by step on their roadmap, they have now hit us with one more announcement – their partnership with decentralised digital workflow signing provider, Dedoco.

The collaboration revolutionises the way we will come to think about signing digital documents.

This partnership will put Akord and Arweave in front of Dedoco’s impressive list of clients – over 150 across government, banks, financial institutions, real estate, professional services and technology platforms – giving them a superior Web3 alternative for managing their documents. It’s another important step in taking our protocol and product mainstream, as well as demonstrating our commitment to composability, said Pascal, Co-Founder, Akord.

Let’s jump in!

How will it work?

Through the collaboration, the Akord Protocol will now be able to utilise Dedoco’s digital DMaaS (Document Management as-a-Service) platform, allowing anyone with an Akord account to be able to easily send documents for a signature in a few clicks. When considering the number of documents that a business needs to send back and forth for signatures within its lifetime, having an easy way to do so is crucial.

And the timing of the collaboration comes after the recent news that Dedoco raised funds from Web3-focused True Global Ventures 4 Plus (TGV4 Plus) Fund and a follow-on from Vertex Ventures South East Asia to support the expansion of their Web3 capabilities.

As Akord stated on their Twitter account:

This partnership will move quickly. We plan to be on testnet this summer with a full release in the autumn.


Dedoco is a tool for businesses to streamline their document workflow via a decentralised platform. Any document sent for a signature via the Dedoco platform is digitised through real-time security verification and authenticated on the blockchain. This provides a Web3 solution to digital signing that offers a high degree of transaction integrity, with increased data privacy and document security.

The platform is trusted by banks, financial services, and real estate across Asia Pacific.

Web3 is all about having decentralised, blockchain utilising protocols, that as a result are completely trustless. This is exactly what Dedoco is able to achieve via its platform – allowing companies and individuals to have complete control over all aspects of their documents. Additionally, the Web3 aspect brings added document security, data residency and data sovereignty – something needed within many industries.

On the frontend

We have come to know Akord as a company that likes to make things as easy as possible for their users. Digital document signing will be no difference in this scenario. Akord has simplified the process so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

After a document has been signed, the new signed version of the file will appear within your Akord Vault. This is the only place it will appear, as Dedoco does not store copies of your documents.

If you want to learn more about Dedoco, visit their website here.

And if you want to read more in depth about the mission that Akord is on to change the world of blockchain storage solution, have a read of our article here.

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