4EVERLAND Partners With Series Of Projects On RaaS Solution

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Weeks after Web3 infrastructure protocol, 4EVERLAND launched its new Rollup-as-a-service (RaaS) solution, it has embarked on a series of partnership projects with the latest been Relation, a partnership that could expand the reach of the former’s product in the social space.

4EVERLAND said that Relation will be a key partner in its effort to provide users with flexible, high-performance Rollup services. This partnership comes two days after it partnered with Izumi Finance, Mdextech, and SWFT Bridge. The RaaS was launched in January 2024.

“The launch of 4EVERLAND RaaS will greatly promote the development of the Web3 development ecosystem, providing developers and project teams with a more convenient and reliable Rollup solution, heralding increased innovation and potential in the future of Web3 application development,” 4EVERLAND stated.

Backed by Arweave, Hash Key Capital among others, Relation is a Web3 social graph infrastructure that enables developers to build social decentralised applications on the Relation Protocol.

Built with Ethereum as layer one and Op Stack as rollup with Arweave and Celestia as data availability layer, 4EVERLAND RaaS was designed to launch customised applications Rollup. It removes the need for users to maintain or host any part of the service nor worry about intricate software and hardware management.

It said the RaaS will leverage OP Stack, Arbitrium Orbit, ZKStack from ZKSync, Polygon CDK to enhance the convenience of rollup deployment.

“Additionally, benefiting from our extensive partnership with Arweave, 4EVER RaaS will introduce Arweave as the data availability layer, combined with industry-standard Celestia, to achieve further cost reduction,” 4EVERLAND said about what sets its RaaS apart from others.

It added that distinguishing fethe features of its RaaS is one-click Rollup deployment which requires users to only tender basic chain information. 4EVERLAND RaaS also provides developers with support facilities and saves time and cost.

“The notable features of 4EVER RaaS lie in its practicality, simplicity, and scalability. It offers a customized L2 deployment solution that is cost-effective and reliable, adopts the MIT license, possesses a high level of openness and collaboration, and supports the innovative Validium mode, further reducing costs,” it stated.

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