4EVERLAND Partners with Scroll To Help Developers Streamline Operations

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Author: Adeola @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: Xiaosong HU @ Contributor of PermaDAO

4EVERLAND, a Web3 infrastructure projects that facilitates storage on platforms such as Arweave as well as perform computing operations is collaborating with Scroll to streamline application building process for developers and help bring their ideas to fruition, the project said.

Scroll is a layer2 network built for Ethereum developers to create effective scaling solutions for individuals that operate in the Ethereum space.

The partnership will boost 4EVERLAND’s capacity to provide comprehensive storage and hosting services. For Scroll, working with 4EVERLAND demonstrates a commitment to decentralised storage initiative.

Developers can leverage the strength of both platform to deliver a comprehensive and user-centric experience. Furthermore, Scroll’s and 4EVERLAND infrastructure can help developers access tools and resources that cut long development process, the projects said.

“Scroll remains resolute in its mission to streamline these processes for user-friendly accessibility, aligning seamlessly with 4EVERLAND’s dedication to user convenience,” a post announcing the collaboration states.

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