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Why STAMP on the Permaweb?

The STAMP Protocol is a special way for apps to let users give feedback to content creators. It's like when you click a "LIKE" button, but on the permaweb. The permaweb lets you see content forever. With the STAMP Protocol, users can give credit to the creators of any content they find on the permaweb.

Why is this important? On the permaweb, when a user signs something, it stays forever on the Arweave network. This means the STAMP can be used by any app on the permaweb. It's also a data composable protocol, which means it can be combined with other data. This makes the "LIKE" feature useful in many different situations.

Here are few use cases for the STAMP Protocol.

Content Ranking

The STAMP Protocol lets you add content ranking to your app. For instance, there's an app called https://specs.g8way.io that allows people in the permaweb builder community to suggest and "stamp" specifications and best practices for the permaweb. This lets the community itself manage these documents without a central authority. The builders decide which version of a practice or pattern is the best.

Incentivised Content Creation

Content Creators have the option to attach a special contract to their content using the SmartWeave technology. This contract becomes like an atomic asset or token that cannot be divided from the data. By attaching this contract, creators can invite sponsors to support their content and receive something valuable in return. When users "STAMP" the content, the STAMP Protocol gives creators and sponsors $STAMP Tokens every day. This system encourages content creators to earn rewards while keeping their content accessible to everyone.

For example, on the website https://pst.g8way.io, a creator can upload their own content, and any user can visit the website to see the content and "stamp" it. As more people "stamp" the content, the creator and sponsors receive more $STAMP tokens as a result.

Reputation systems

Building and maintaining trust on the internet is a complex task. The STAMP Protocol offers a solution by integrating with identity systems. This allows users to indicate the trustworthiness of the identities they interact with by "STAMPing" their identity record. The value of this STAMP can be influenced by whether the user providing the STAMP is vouched for or not, adding an additional layer of trust.

For instance, AR Profiles can be created with an Atomic Asset contract. When users "STAMP" the transaction associated with a profile, the profile earns $STAMP tokens. This process generates a reputation score for the profile, serving as a signal to the community that this profile is trustworthy and enjoyable to interact with $STAMP tokens when users STAMP their profile transaction. The result is a reputation score of that profile and a way to signal the community enjoys interacting with this profile.


Indeed, the versatility of the STAMP protocol extends beyond the mentioned use cases. Its adaptability allows for its application in a wide range of scenarios, including gaming and social networking. By providing a composable protocol, the permaweb ecosystem offers a distinct advantage over other ecosystems. Builders within the permaweb network can seamlessly adopt and incorporate STAMP as a feature, enhancing the functionality and value of their applications. This flexibility and integration potential makes the permaweb ecosystem stand out among other ecosystems, fostering innovation and enabling diverse use cases across various industries.

Next Steps

To learn more about the STAMP protocol, I recommend visiting the website mentioned, . There, you can find detailed information about the protocol, its features, and how it can be integrated into applications on the permaweb.

To stay updated with the latest protocol and SDK updates, joining the permaweb stamps channel, likely on Discord, is a great idea. You'll be able to connect with other builders, discuss updates, and share knowledge related to the STAMP protocol.

Additionally, following @rakis_me on Twitter can provide you with valuable insights, updates, and discussions about the protocol and related developments.


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