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Usher - Revolutionising Referral Programs for Web3

In an increasingly digitised world, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to acquire customers and boost revenue. One highly effective approach is through referral programs, which incentivise existing customers or partners to refer new customers to a business. This strategy can be particularly impactful for Web3 and Web2 businesses, where network effects play a crucial role in driving growth.

So far doing so has been easier in the Web2 world than in the Web3 world. And that’s where Usher comes in. Usher is a decentralised referral platform that offers a unique solution to deploy referral programs without intermediaries, providing transparency and control.

A true referral program for Web3.

Usher isn't new to the scene, they have been silently building in the background. Let's take a look at where they are right now.

What Sets Usher Apart?

Usher distinguishes itself from traditional referral platforms by offering a range of key features, making it an ideal choice for businesses considering referral programs for their Web3 or Web2 ventures:

1. Open source: Usher's open-source nature allows businesses to deploy their Usher Core node and invite their communities to join their referral network. This grants businesses complete control over their referral programs, eliminating the need for intermediaries, and enabling extensive customisation and cost management.

2. Decentralisation: Although currently semi-decentralised, Usher is actively researching and developing new decentralised infrastructure to fully decentralize its referral graph and remittance processes. When completed, Usher's referral graph will be entirely built on blockchain technology, ensuring transparent and immutable recording of referral and conversion events. This guarantees fair partner rewards and eliminates the possibility of fraud or manipulation.

3. Cryptocurrency rewards: Usher manages partner rewards in cryptocurrency, offering numerous advantages over traditional payment methods. Cryptocurrency payments are faster, more cost-effective, and more secure, making them especially beneficial for Web3 businesses.

4. Flexible commission structure: Usher allows businesses to create their referral program's commission structure tailored to their specific needs. This flexibility incentivises partners to refer more customers and helps businesses better design their referral programs.

5. Third-party integrations: Usher can seamlessly integrate with other Web3 applications, such as decentralised exchanges, lending platforms, or smart contracts. This feature enables businesses to reward partners for referring customers to these platforms, driving more traffic and activity to their business. Usher's open-source nature simplifies integration with internal systems, social platforms, and other API-enabled software services.

If you're a Web3 or Web2 business aiming to drive growth and acquire new customers, deploying Usher Core might be the ideal solution. With its open-source platform, flexible commission structure, and semi-decentralised approach, Usher delivers a transparent and secure way to manage your referral program.

As Usher continues to develop new decentralised infrastructure, it is poised to redefine referral programs for businesses in both the Web3 and Web2 domains.

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