Use everPay Tech Documents, Make Developing Dapps Easier

Recently, everPay has updated its technical documentation. everPay is an instant payment settlement layer that uses the storage computing paradigm, where all calculations are done off-chain and the results are synchronized with Arweave. Its main goal is to provide users with an efficient, Internet-level payment settlement experience while maintaining the transparency and trustworthiness of the blockchain. With this extremely detailed technical documentation, every developer can easily integrate everPay and quickly build various DAPPs.

The technical documentation mainly includes the following four parts:

【Basic Information】

The locked assets information of everPay and the list of supported tokens.

【System Overview】

This section includes an overview of everPay, account models, specific operations, and other content that allows developers to quickly understand the the protocol.

【API Interface】

This part introduces all API interfaces, including interface names, parameters, return values, and other content. The everPay server can be used to get basic information of everPay, account balances, transaction records, and to perform everPay transaction sending functions.


everPay now provides a JavaScript SDK. Developers can easily and quickly integrate everPay using NodeJS or the web.

By using simple and easy-to-use API interfaces or the one-click integration of the everpay.js SDK, developers can easily call the everPay protocol. While providing users with more comprehensive payment transfer functions, they optimize the user's payment experience and improve the security of the payment process.

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