Use 4EVERLAND to Store Your Damus Profile to Arweave

Damus, a decentralised social networking app that challenges Twitter, has landed on the App Store. It is the first mobile app to use an open decentralised social networking protocol called Nostr, funded by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, which is based on cryptographic key pairs.
Damus emerged as another experiment in decentralised social networking. The app’s promise is of an open social network, without a central authority like Facebook or Twitter to decide what the network is about or who is allowed to participate. Instead, explains the app’s homepage, “you are in control…there is no platform that can ban or censor you. You are in control of your data,” it reads.
In addition, on Damus, messages are distributed by decentralised relays via end-to-end encryption, with no federated servers involved, reducing the risk of data loss and server downtime. This looks wonderful, Nostr protocol, decentralised network, encryption and so on, but the profile seems to be set up very differently from the other advertised aspects.
It’s hard to believe that such a benchmark decentralised software takes Url links on the home page for Profile picture and Banner image. Where do you store these images? Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud?
The choice is the same for most users, and in the case of a problem with data from these centralised platforms, it will result in a large amount of user data being lost. This is also different from Damus’ promise of no centralised authority influence.
To completely avoid these effects and really control your Damus social network, we can store the profile data on Arweave via 4EVERLAND.
First, log in with your wallet and create a 4EVERLAND account.
For new users, please click on ‘Reward Hub’ to claim your free resource bonus.
Click on Bucket and create a new bucket.
Click ‘Upload’ to upload the profile images.
Select ‘Sync to AR’ option and copy the AR Hash when the process is complete.
Arweave access as Ar gateways + AR Hash.
Finally, copy the link into Damus to complete the decentralisation setup.
Since then, 4EVERLAND has completed the final piece of the decentralised social network puzzle for Damus.

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