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Unveiling the Sarcophagus V2 dApp and Latest Updates

Sarcophagus V2 is officially here! And that's not all...

Sarcophagus has been busy at it recently, releasing a series of updates, which are fundamentally enhancing their DAO and decentralised app. Let's take a look at everything they have been up to.

Making data permanent is the only way to guarantee it is available when you need it in the case of unforeseen events. Preserve and Safeguard your Legacy for yourself, and future generations.- Sarcophagus DAO

Sarcophagus V2

The first major update from Sarcophagus is the official launch of their Dead Man's Switch V2 decentralised app (dApp) on the Ethereum mainnet.

The launch follows an extensive testing phase by the team at Sarcophagus, designed to perfect security measures and features, a key concern in the Web3 realm. Being a fervent supporter of open-source development, the team had encouraged the community to aid in the testing phase, report bugs and offer suggestions for improvement - all while incentivising them along the way.

With the V2 dApp, the platform introduces a new look and enhanced user experience.

And, in addition to the new look, Sarcophagus has also implemented a unique protocol fee distribution system. If users stake their $SARCO tokens and participate in voting, they stand to earn incentives from a pool of collected protocol fees. The distribution of incentives is proportionate to the percentage of votes cast and the quantity of $SARCO staked.

Community Bounty from the DAO

Additionally, in an effort to promote community involvement and voting on the DAO via SARCO staking, the DAO released a bounty task on Dework. Community members were asked to create a video walkthrough that elucidates the process of staking $SARCO tokens for voting rights and subsequently voting on a DAO proposal from start to finish. The reward for the successful completion of this task is 4000 SARCO tokens.

The video aims to facilitate understanding for new community members on staking SARCO, receiving SARCO-VR (voting rights), and voting on the DAO.

If you are interested in making the video, here is what you'll need, and the DAO's requirements for the video:

Things you will need:

  • $SARCO to stake

  • ETH for gas

  • Once Staked, Use the SARCO-VR received to vote with on the DAO

  • Quality screen recording equipment including a good microphone and production software (Adobe, etc)

Quality requirements for this video:

  • Show the entire process from staking $SARCO to completing a vote on the DAO

  • Clearly spoken instructions in English

  • High definition recording, preferably in 4k

Collaboration with SliceAnalytics

Next, Sarcophagus has partnered with SliceAnalytics - known for providing comprehensive analytics, visualisation, and customer acquisition/retention tools, SliceAnalytics will provide Sarcophagus with all their Analytics needs.

A Quick Look at the Sarcophagus Dead Man's Switch

The Sarcophagus platform leverages a digital version of the "dead man's switch," a concept initially used in train operations to ensure passenger safety. The digital dead man’s switch provided by Sarcophagus finds varied applications within the decentralised Web3 world.

The team at Sarcophagus suggests multiple use-cases for this feature, ranging from digital living wills and emergency communications to password recovery and key material backup. In addition to these, it can also serve as a platform for journalism, political activism, and even as a digital time capsule.


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