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This Week in Crypto #20

Looking back on the last week, there seems to be a theme of mobile Web3 going around. After Solana made their announcement of the Saga Solana Mobile, now we see Polygon make their own announcement. Along with this, open-source operating system ethOS hit the spotlight.

Let’s have a look at these announcements, as well as much more!

Kujira Main Net

Kujira has officially moved to main net. An official guide has been posted in order to help people migrate their Kujira tokens across from the test net. Kujira has also warned users that now is the time when scammers might try to manipulate people into giving them their tokens. 

The full guide has been posted here on medium. 

Quixotic Exploited

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Unfortunately in this case the will came from hackers, again. During an update to their marketplace, smart contract Optimism NFT marketplace Quixotic became vulnerable to an exploit which allows hackers to steal ERC 20 tokens from users. 

Since then, however, the marketplace has refunded all affected users.


There has been a lot of chit chatter on Crypto Twitter as of lately about alleged plans for malicious actors to liquidate Celsius. Many feared that this would have one of the biggest negative impacts on the crypto market since the collapse of UST. 

Celsius had a lot of debt but now has started repaying it. They have also reduced their BTC liquidation price to $4,966.

British Army NFT Scam

Twitter has seen many user accounts get hacked over time, including those of Elon Musk and Bill Gates. This time round scammers were able to hijack the British armies Twitter accounts, along with their Facebook and YouTube accounts. The hijackers were able to retain control of the accounts for roughly 4 hours. During this time they shilled NFTs. 

It was the moment every Cardano fanatic had been waiting for. The Cardano Vasil testnet merge which would bring with it faster block creation and hence greater scalability potential. Everything went smoothly for the perfectionist chain, as the merge was a success. 

The next move is to fork it to the main net. 

Italian Blockchain Government Subsidies

What is better than governments allowing Blockchain companies to develop? I guess the answer would be governments funding the development of Blockchain projects. And that is exactly what the Italian government is doing, by offering subsidies for such developments. The Ministry of economic development in Italy recently announced $46 million in subsidies which will become available to top applicants of Blockchain utilising projects. 

YouTube Crypto Stealing Malware

This just in, there is some malicious malware going around YouTube, namely PennyWise, which is affecting (amongst others) Ethereum wallets, allowing the malware to steal Crypto from within the wallets. 

IT is happening on YouTube as we speak.

Polygon Entire Web3 Mobile

We recently saw Solana announce the Web3 mobile phone “Saga”. Shortly after, polygon came out with a teaser about one of their own. Now surely enough they have made it public. Polygon has partnered with phone maker Nothing to bring Web3 tech to mobile users, allowing them to have access to dApps, payments, and games on the Polygon Network.


And speaking of Blockchain phones, check out this!

ethOS, an organic, open source, community-led project in development by individuals across the globe, is creating an Ethereum-based operating system on top of an android fork. It will allow the mobile phone to act as a Lite Node, meaning only block headers are downloaded instead of the full Blockchain blocks. When additional information is needed from a block, it has to request it from a full Ethereum node. Right now you can install it on Google pixel 3 or 5a.

Boring DOGE

Who wants to use their DOGE to pay for a ride underground in a tunnel built by Elon Musk’s Boring Company? Well now you can!

Ethereum Sepolia

Ethereum developers have now successfully completed a test of The Merge on the Sepolia test net. Next up they will be doing the same on the Goerli test net, before moving on to what everyone has been waiting for – The Main Net Merge!

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