The PermaDAO ecosystem is about to welcome a highly anticipated new partner-Classical

Classical is a project incubated deeply by PermaDAO, which has received support from the development guild within the DAO and has partnered with the activity guild to host a charity event for permanent storage of classical texts, injecting new vitality into the ecosystem.

On the 8th of this month at 8pm (GMT+8), Classical will launch its first round of NFT minting.

The first NFT collection entitled “The Four Books and Five Classics”! During this event, you will have the opportunity to claim ownership of these collectibles with digital currency, as well as enjoy unique benefits and accolades by holding them. In addition to the collection showcase, we will also organise online discussions on our social media platforms, allowing you to share your views and experiences with other collectors and art enthusiasts, increasing interaction and communication. In the following months, more NFTs collections will be launched. We are aiming for the vast majority of canonical NFTs from ancient times to the present to be gradually completed for casting and seeking partnerships with relevant institutions to increase the richness and completeness of the books available on the platform.

About is a platform for the permanent guardianship of human history and culture, dedicated to building a permanent open library and museum on the blockchain. Through this platform, users can conveniently cast their own canonical NFTs and gain exclusive rights to the corresponding canonical NFTs on the blockchain. This in turn uploads the NFTs to the blockchain for perpetual storage, allowing users who upload canonical NFTs to own on-chain assets as well as facilitating those who need to read the books.


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