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The Arweave Community Hackathon: $625k in Opportunities - July 28th - August 10th

Get ready to participate in the digital event of the year: The Arweave Community Hackathon.

The Hackathon is designed for all creative minds who care about the evolution and preservation of our digital civilisation and the role that Arweave and its permaweb can play in it.

Running from July 28th through August 10th, 2023, this online hackathon invites you to join hands with established projects and companies in the space (and partners) like Community Labs, Kwil, Forward Research, ar.io, Bundle, and Art by City to redefine the digital sphere.

And there are $625k up for grabs, with

  • $25k in bounties

  • $100k Investment

  • $500k in Job Ops!

Let's take a closer look!

Winning Big: $25,000 in Bounties

The hackathon is not just about innovation and creativity, but also about grand rewards.

There is over $25,000 in bounties available throughout the two-week event, with more than ten individual bounties up for grabs. To stand a chance of winning, hackers will apply directly to the bounties, with each bounty governed by rules specified by individual sponsors:

To enhance your chances of securing a bounty, familiarise yourself with these important technologies before the hackathon begins:

Knowing these tools and platforms could give you a decisive edge once the bounty specifics are released next week.

Unleashing Innovation: $100,000 Investment

If you'd prefer to do something entirely different rather than chase a particular bounty, here's your golden opportunity.

There's up to $100,000 available in investment funds for the right project or team. The sky's the limit - build what you've been dreaming of on Arweave and who knows, you might catch the eye of other potential investors!

This investment section is supported by Forward Research, who are on the lookout for passionate builders with meaningful projects.

Building Careers: $500,000+ in Job Opportunities

In addition to bounties and investments, the hackathon also provides a unique avenue for potential job opportunities. Several roles within the ecosystem are looking to be filled, and the total potential salaries and benefits on offer surpass $500,000.

By actively participating in the Arweave Community Hackathon, you could leave an unforgettable impression on key players in the industry. The event is an excellent platform for networking with teams that have funding and are ready to scale, opening up avenues for job roles, entrepreneur-in-residence programs, and fellowships.


Registration is open from July 17th, 2023, and closes on July 27th, 2023. Make sure to grab your spot before they run out!

The event officially begins on July 28th, 2023, with a kickoff session featuring details about the event, keynote speakers, and the start of build opportunities. The finale, "Demo Day," takes place on August 10th, 2023, where you'll have the chance to meet builders, investors, and individuals passionate about the internet.

Throughout the event, a group of seasoned mentors will be available to guide you. These include Tom Wilson from Permapages, Lorimer Jenkins and Rohit Pathare from Community Labs, Anthony from ar.io, Greg Ogun (aka Darwin, who has your back when it comes to anything UI/UX related), DMac from MyMail Protocol, Luke Cassady-Dorion from Bundlr.network, and Jim Toth from Art By City.

Let your creativity soar and join us in reshaping the future of our digital civilization.

Get ready for the Arweave Community Hackathon.

Let's go big!


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