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What’s Next for Verto? AMA with Tate Berenbaum

In our second edition of permablog’s on-chain AMA, we spoke with Tate Berenbaum. Tate is the founder of Verto, ArConnect, and other core pieces of the Arweave-ecosystem.  This AMA is archived here.

Can you give us a sneak peak into the roadmap? What is in store for Verto’s future?! IOPewn0msLukJfFf07jmYnk9llGM2M8M4mAMrJD3SR8

In the next 6 months, we’re looking to advance our UI/UX and begin a pivot towards a noncustodial, SmartWeave contract-based solution for the Verto protocol. You can expect a brand new UI launch on Verto.exchange very soon, and we’ll then finish updating ArConnect with Ledger support after that. Our team is going to be releasing some more in-depth material covering this in the near future, so stay tuned!

What are your favorite projects (outside of Verto) in the Arweave ecosystem? fITa8X5-HQQstQ5CwTjjD4qc4dmxDw2l-S67wbnNuSs

This is a tough question! There are so many incredible people starting incredible projects in the space. Though I can’t pick any favorites, I can say with certainty that I am most inspired by the new teams coming into the ecosystem with a goal of collaborating with as many people and protocols as possible. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but the composability in this ecosystem is truly unique. Building lego bricks for others to integrate into their own protocols is both attractive from a community/collaboration standpoint and a value proposition standpoint. We as a community have a massive opportunity here.

What is the biggest pain point currently within the Arweave ecosystem and where/what would you encourage new founders to spend their time building? RDsileoSdSmGGpsRyFcHWc_pAFe7HdZ9v5tiZsu7IN4

Two of the current largest ecosystem pain points (in my opinion) are developer documentation and ease of access to navigating the project/protocols on the permaweb. I believe these are very temporary, but I think all teams could make it a goal to improve their documentation. This especially applies to Verto and ArConnect’s JS libraries, so we’ll be working on this too! I somewhat addressed the second part of this question in a previous response, but I am actively encouraging people to find and spend time building lego bricks for others to use in their protocols. Besides that, if you can find a way to align an opportunity in this space with your passion, go for it!

Are you part of any PSCs or DAOs outside or the Arweave ecosystem? A lot of your work focuses on Arweave PSTs – what is exciting specifically about these? qMrsMJV09Y_NGyN0XEwor00zlZ551CKyaoFf3H-_578

At the time of writing this, I am not involved in any DAOs outside of the Arweave ecosystem. My focus lies here! I feel that profit-sharing tokens open the gates for many interesting and novel mechanism designs and use-cases for decentralized technology. I don’t want to spoil too much soon to come, but we’re going to be seeing several new teams and protocols that specifically utilize the profit-sharing aspect of other tokens in the space here. 🙂

What is @moreverto? ???? Yw4Pw4haRUxqx7cZvDwP-b4Fhhkzm-vyIU3zE6xxgG4

The @moreverto Twitter account is going to be used from now on to show daily updates on UI/UX/bugs/protocol modifications in a less formal, more granular fashion. We want to be as transparent as possible as our roadmap and thinking continue to evolve, so the @moreverto account will be here to document these types of topics too.

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