Store Your Data Safely and Securely With Evermore

Evermore is a safe and secure online data storage solution that lets you pay for the storage upon uploading rather than incur a monthly fee. It uses blockchain technology to keep your files safe. 

A blockchain is a system that makes it hard for the data to be altered or hacked. The files are encrypted and stored safely and only backup data that you approve thus protecting you against ransomware. 

Since all the data you save is stored on Arweave it will always be safe and available. Arweave is a decentralised blockchain designed to store data permanently so all data you save on Evermore stays forever without the threat of being deleted or censored. 

To get started you will need a crypto wallet and AR tokens. Here is a tutorial video they have made on letting you know how to set up:

Evermore also allows you to create NFTs easily. You can upload your images, music, videos or other files to the NFT folder and add a name and description. Then it’s ready to be sent to anyone with a valid Arweave address. 

A desktop app is available for Windows and Mac which syncs files automatically. An easy way to access your data and NFTs is by using their dApp. 

Evermore is a Profit Sharing Community which rewards its participants. For every 1GB uploaded you will be rewarded 1500 Evermore Tokens. Find out more about the token below:

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