Stellar Milestone From fQR Weave: Arweave And Covid-19

Since the last quarter of 2020, and the developments of fQR Weave technology didn’t take a break. The idea of the platform was founded to improve the effectiveness of the QR codes.

Invented 2 decades ago, QR codes never became the revolutionary marketing strategy that businesses and marketers had hoped, neither an anti-forgery tool that business developers had expected.

Profiting from “Pay Once, Save Forever” feature provided by Arweave technology, fQR Weave ensure to create QR codes with encoded data that exist forever! From the other side, the uniqueness of public addresses and hashes, transaction IDs improve the act of authenticity proof.

fQR Weave is an open source project. During Arweave Open Web Fellowship, project’s developments were published on Rani Elhusseini (founder) personal Github account. But to be more compatible with open source developments and possible community contributions, we migrated the source codes to an organization page.

On December 7th, fQR Weave presented a pitch on the demo day with many amazing projects built on Arweave:

Product Development

(2) Follow-up work:
a- python SDK version 0.0.4 released.
b- final testing before releasing dynamic fQR (dfQR).
c- market compatibly: batch & csv — static fQR generator.
d- around 800 fQR generated so far.

Service Adoption

FQR Weave announced during the pitch day presentation, fQR Weave was in direct negotiations with nanostech.co team to integrate fQR static code on their products.

About Nanostech:
NanosTech is a technology done with nanomaterials to kill covid-19 virus and to prevent its spreading. The use of nanotechnology offers new opportunities for the development of novel strategies in terms of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 and other viral infections.
to learn more, please tap here.

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Nanostech Generator Address: fbLbzxT3e009BJIXlVXWjEYLnAjd49HVeSrtDL7G-vQ

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