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What’s Next for Decentralized App Hosting: AMA With Prashant Maurya From Spheron

Spheron (previously ArGo) is an application hosting tool powered by Arweave. On the platform, developers can easily link a GitHub repository to a custom domain and have the application built and deployed to the permaweb in just a few clicks. It’s even possible to link a HNS domain, making Spheron a one-stop shop for 100% decentralized front end hosting. At Arweave News, we use Spheron to host permablog and permacast.

In September 2021, we hosted an AMA session with Spheron’s co-founder Prashant Maurya here. Here’s the transcript:

ArGo currently supports front ends but I’ve heard of plans to support things like Node.js servers as well. Is there a timeline for this, and will you ensure it is decentralized? (MwkRmMknelo2AzAj8r0dyuVEMG4sU6bKOdxtZx39dWo)

Yes, soon, using the argoapp platform, you will be able to deploy your server. The timeline we are looking forward to is by mid of December. We will be onboarding one of the well known decentralised compute layer protocols to provide a full-stack deployment experience to our users. ArGoApp team has already done its first phase of POC, and it worked like a charm. I am eagerly waiting to showcase it to the community.

What did you learn from the experience of GoDaddy shutting down your domain? (aeGyvgmD-QatjAqWeBRBPfAKvQnriefBFLXNhoPmgdU)

It really motivated us a lot and given more power to what we are trying to achieve. As a measure, we have deployed all of our main pages like incentives, airdrop and docs on permaweb. We have also rewritten our landing page in reactJs to deploy it on permaweb and it’s already done. Apart from it, we also have attached HNS domain name to all of these to make sure, even though it happens in future our users are able to access decentralised version of the app

I’d like to be able to deploy WordPress websites on ArGo. Is that on your roadmap? (tkWDFd9sFXTQsLgBve5aZaEEXveES2fuCT0s4lpzcSU)

Yes. Mostly you will be able to do it by end of this year.

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Our next AMA season will open in January with Meson Network. Visit permablog in January to ask them anything.

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