Simple Reasons for Using 4EVERLAND to Upload Storage Data to Arweave 

4EVERLAND provides users with data storage service on Arweave, the only decentralised data chain that stores data permanently. 4EVERLAND’s decentralised storage solution significantly lowers the barrier to using Arweave, allowing users to upload local data to Arweave with one click and access it immediately. It also allows users to use assets on different EVM chains to pay for data uploads.
As of today, over 30,000 data items have been uploaded to Arweave via 4EVERLAND!
It is so exciting that 4EVERLAND will help Arweave expand to the general public. In this article I will briefly describe a few reasons why you should use 4EVERLAND to upload storage data to Arweave.

Visualised UI

4EVERLAND provides a full set of visual UI to use our service, making it simple and fast for anyone, whether you are an inexperienced traditional Web2 user or a Web3 developer. This means you can categorise the files you upload to Arweave by creating/modifying/deleting folders.
We have also designed a statistics panel for uploaded data. In our dashboard you will be able to view any data you have stored in the decentralisation protocol, the number of visits and even the regions that have visited.

S3 Compatible API

Yes, we built an Arweave-based ‘AWS-S3’. The 4EVERLAND decentralised storage solution’s S3-compatible API is fully compatible with the Amazon S3 cloud storage service. AWS built this tool using a minimal feature set, but it offers great advantages. For example, data stored via 4EVERLAND can be managed by multiple standardised S3-compatible frameworks, tools, clients and SDKs. This makes the 4EVERLAND decentralised storage solution much more extensible.
Here’s a simple example of how you can quickly implement mounting Arweave storage as a local disk drive with 4EVERLAND, allowing you to manage files stored in Arweave as if they were local files.
You can find more tutorials and information in our documentation.

Bundle (ANS-104) transaction

Based on Arseeding, 4EVERLAND implements the ANS-104 protocol and fully supports bundle transactions. Compared to AR native transactions, bundle transaction types are more suitable for storage scenarios where the files are small but the number of files are large. Also, it is not limited by the performance of local transactions and greatly improves the efficiency of data upload. Users can upload various types of files via 4EVERLAND and these files will be automatically packaged into bundles and the data will be 100% uploaded to Arweave network. Support auto parses bundles and split them into items for developers to request bundle item data.

Multi-chain payments and stablecoin space valuation

The Arweave network requires the use of the native token ‘AR’ to pay network fees for every storage request, which is unfriendly for many developers. For example, when an ETH developer needs to use Arweave storage at the same time, it means that they need to have both ETH and Arweave accounts and asset systems. Especially when the developer’s assets are spread across different public chains, this threshold becomes higher. For many developers, they are also more accustomed to the cost of storage in stable coins, and the unstable AR price and Arweave storage price fluctuations can cause them a lot of problems.
4EVERLAND’s multi-chain payment system and unique storage billing method meet the needs of developers.
4EVERLAND introduces the role of Arweave Provider within the ecosystem, attracting community providers to join the 4EVERLAND ecosystem through token incentives and other measures, and supplying Arweave storage capacity. We support developers to use various assets from various public chains to pay for the purchase of Arweave storage capacity through the design of smart contracts, and the Arweave Provider helps behind the scenes to complete the payment for the ‘AR’ actually consumed by the Arweave network storage. This means that users no longer need to purchase ‘AR’ separately, but can pay for Arweave storage directly using assets such as USDC, ETH, BTC, etc.
At the same time, 4EVERLAND has integrated Celer Network’s Interchain Messaging framework (Celer IM) to complete the integration support for multiple public chains. We now support payments on multiple public chains such as ETH, BSC, Polygon etc. 4EVERLAND users will enjoy the benefits of a diverse multi-ecosystem and the simplicity of a single transaction user experience, without the need for complex manual interactions on multiple blockchains.
Considering the demand of most developers for stable coin pricing, 4EVERLAND has made a lot of innovation in the pricing model and introduced the space pricing model. Developers can purchase a certain amount of Arweave storage resources at the current price for long-term use, so as to lock in the storage space and value in advance, without worrying about the fluctuation of storage costs caused by the fluctuation of Arweave prices in the future. It also reduces the cost of payment for users and greatly enhances the user experience.

Global accelerated AR gateway

Arweave’s public gateway has amassed a large number of users, but is flawed in terms of functionality and centralisation. Due to the early launch of and the high dependency of the eco-project, it is prone to single points of failure. Also, Arweave is a probabilistic storage system, meaning that each node does not need to store all the data, and even the gateway does not necessarily store all the data on the chain. In reality, developers may need to poll all Arweave nodes when downloading data.
4EVERLAND has built a large number of edge nodes around the world based on Arseeding. Developers can automatically request specified data from the whole network through the AR gateway provided by 4EVERLAND to access the Arweave ecosystem easily and quickly. At the same time, the edge nodes offer data caching to enable high speed downloads for applications. This will reduce the single point of dependency on and provide a better data service for applications.
Thus, 4EVRLAND’s AR gateway provides features such as instant access, data caching, data uploading, web uploading and rendering. Also, we provide reliable global acceleration services based on 4EVERLAND’s globally distributed edge nodes to enhance the global user experience.

To conclude

The Web3 data store on Arweave is decentralised and permanent. It is the only data chain that offers this solution, and 4EVERLAND makes it faster, reliable, and easier to use. This is why I recommend using 4EVERLAND to upload storage data.


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