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Sarcophagus DAO Update - Fake Contract, DAO voting and February ongoings

Sarcophagus DAO's Goerli network testing of its dead man's switch dApp is well underway and is going quite well. The high volume of testers shows the DAO's strong community and potential future adoption. With 6,600 Sarcophagi already created, it's clear that there is significant interest in a dead man's switch protocol built on Web3. The DAO will be able to analyse the results of the testing phase and work on improving any issues that users may have faced, boding well for the future of the DAO.

However, beware as malicious actors are at bay, with the team spotting a fake SARCO pair on the Goerli network.

Fake Contract Pair

The Sarcophagus DAO team has identified a fake $SARCO pair on the Goerli testnet, so if you are trying out the dApp, be very careful.

Sarcophagus DAO has notified the community that the fake token address is: 0xb627778cb7ec504cd8375d02f9f4edc14844eb1c

Whereas the correct $SARCO address on Goerli for dApp testing is: 0x4633b43990b41B57b3678c6F3Ac35bA75C3D8436

Don't let this spook you though, because if you do decide to try out the dApp, know that there already is an incentive program planned out to reward you for your feedback. The program has two tiers and the team has outlined minimum testing parameters. Test data will be collected by March 31, 2023, and used to determine the pool of addresses for the incentive distribution. The incentives will be distributed in the form of $SARCO tokens and sent to the mainnet address of the testnet address used for interacting with the dApp on the Goerli network.

You can read more about the incentives here.

Community voting for SubDAO funding

Sarcophagus DAO is currently also holding two important votes on their DAO to outline the operation funding for their subDAOs. The first vote, number 33, aims to fund 120,000 USDC to the payroll subDAO, which will provide another quarter of operations for the team. And the second vote, number 34, seeks to re-fund the Growth subDAO with 150,000 SARCO for another quarter of operations. As noted by Sarcophagus on Twitter, both subDAOs have played a critical role in supporting operations within the community and facilitating growth and development through the launch of Sarcophagus V2 (and beyond). So these votes will ensure that the community's decision-making process is followed, and the team can continue to provide excellent support to the DAO's ecosystem. The voting will end in three days, and the DAO encourages all members to participate in this vital process.

Sarcophagus also recently dropped their latest newsletter outlining everything they did in February. Some things from the newsletter have been mentioned above, but here is a recap of it.

Recap of Sarcophagus DAO February newsletter

Sarcophagus DAO has been working hard to prepare for the mainnet launch of their decentralised application. One of the major achievements was successfully setting up over 100 nodes in their testnet ecosystem, which will be crucial to providing a realistic scenario for the application's mainnet launch. The team was also pleased to report that the upgrade to the Archaeologist nodes went smoothly after making some minor tweaks to the codebase and smart contracts.

In addition to technical developments, the team has been focused on community engagement and governance. The DAO held two votes to secure funding for technical support post mainnet launch and added new moderators to their team. The community has also been eagerly anticipating the testing of the updated v2 dApp for Sarcophagus which is now underway.

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