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Sarcophagus DAO's April 2023 Update - Web3 Security Edition

In an increasingly digital world, Sarcophagus DAO is pioneering the development of the first fully on-chain Dead Man's Switch for Web3, utilising the Arweave and Ethereum networks.

In their recent "Community April 2023 Update," Sarcophagus highlighted their latest milestones and future aspirations.

Let's take a look!

April 2023 Updates

Starting with a notable presence at Consensus, the Web3 conference organised by Coindesk, the Sarcophagus team made significant strides in networking and forging partnerships.

Sarcophagus DAO is full on preparing for their dApp's mainnet launch, and the team was committed to spreading awareness about it at Consensus, promoting it while also handing out a selection of stylish merchandise.

The month of April also saw the successful passage of Vote #39, a key governance vote concerning the Network Kickstart plan. The plan, aimed at rewarding contributors to the testnet's node development, received unanimous approval for the proposed extension, with 100% of contributors voting "YES". The extension, financed by an additional 200k SARCO tokens, increases the incentive program's budget to around 700 - 760k SARCO tokens. The proposal also generously enhances the final payout for nodes from 4,000 to 6,000 SARCO, contingent upon successfully bonding 1000 SARCO and maintaining operations for six months.

In a bid to spread the word even more about themselves and Web3 security, Sarcophagus will be hosting upcoming Twitter Spaces discussions. Given the recent security lapses in the Web3 space, such dialogues are crucial for sharing strategies and addressing pertinent issues like secure wallet management and the pros and cons of trusting smart contracts versus third parties.

Furthermore, the first version of Sarcophagus' Software Development Kit (SDK) is set to be completed by May's end. The team will subsequently implement a user feedback-driven enhancement method to further develop the SDK and democratise the core technology. The SDK v1 is designed to provide an accessible platform for all users to contribute to a safer future in the Web3 ecosystem.


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