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Sarcophagus DAO Gains Momentum - Testnet Extension, Milestones, and Expansion

Sarcophagus DAO has been making significant progress lately. From extending its testnet incentive program to reaching a new Twitter follower milestone. Let's take a look at what has been going on with the DAO behind the development of the first on-chain Dead Man's Switch, built on Ethereum and Arweave.

Testnet Incentive Program Extension

Sarcophagus DAO has announced that it is extending its testnet incentive tracking until the mainnet launch in early H2 (Q3). The extension means users participating in testing the Goerli dApp will be eligible to receive rewards up until the mainnet launch. The team is currently working on Subgraph integration, SDK scoping and implementation, as well as preparing contracts for audits. The community and the team are working together to bring the best version of the decentralised Dead Man's Switch to the mainnet.

Twitter Milestone: 7k Followers

The project recently celebrated reaching 7,000 followers on Twitter. In anticipation of the V2 mainnet launch, Sarcophagus DAO highlighted the importance of community participation in upcoming governance decisions. Votes will include testnet user incentives distribution, operations budgeting, integrations support, mainnet user incentives, and more.

To participate in the DAO's proposals, users should stake mainnet $SARCO in the governance contract to use them for voting. Furthermore, a contract incentivising voting will accrue 1% of the protocol user fees and distribute them back to voters based on their vote participation ratio.

Sarcophagus Dead Man's Switch dApp Listed on DappRadar

Great news for the team and users, as Sarcophagus DAO's Dead Man's Switch dApp is now listed on DappRadar, which should help spread the word about the DAO's efforts.

Mainnet Launch and Expanding the Ecosystem

With the testnet making significant progress, the Tomb dApp's mainnet launch is anticipated for early H2. Following the launch, the team will prioritise expanding contracts to more EVM chains/L2s and other compatible smart-contract chains. The expansion aims to maximise the protocol's usability and flexibility for different use cases.

Growing the Team and Community

As Sarcophagus DAO expands, it seeks individuals with relevant skills or experience to contribute to the project. Those interested can reach out to Ambassadors on the official Sarcophagus DAO Discord server. The project is particularly keen on attracting members from international communities to support the growing influx of new users.


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