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Sarcophagus DAO - Decoding Terminology and Embracing Simplicity in V2

Sarcophagus DAO is the cutting-edge project built around a Dead Man's Switch (DMS) protocol on the Ethereum and Arweave blockchains, inspired by ancient Egyptian burial traditions. While the platform has gained attention for its unique concept, some users may have found its terminology to be slightly confusing. To address this issue, the team behind Sarcophagus has taken to Twitter to clarify the meaning of its terms and lingo, and announce that V2 of their app will use simpler terminology to ensure ease of use for all users.

Decoding Sarcophagus Terminology

The Sarcophagus platform is built around a unique vocabulary, which might be perplexing for those unfamiliar with ancient Egyptian burial traditions. The team has outlined the meaning behind some of these terms in a recent Twitter thread, drawing parallels between them and the platform's protocol:

  1. Sarcophagus: The platform's name refers to an ancient Egyptian burial tradition, where tombs called sarcophagi protected and preserved the body, possessions, and stories of the wealthy. These tombs were made of stone and adorned with carvings and inscriptions, making them resilient to decay.

  2. Embalmer: In the context of the platform, the individual who creates a sarcophagus is called an "Embalmer." This person "wraps" their data (with encryption) and stores it on-chain for future retrieval, a process known as "Resurrection."

  3. Resurrection: This term refers to the act of "unwrapping" data that the recipient wishes to retrieve. The concept is inspired by the movie "The Mummy," where a character is brought back to life after being entombed for centuries.

  4. Archaeologist: On the Sarcophagus platform, "Archaeologists" are nodes that monitor sarcophagi to "dig up" so that they may be resurrected by the recipient.

  5. Curse: In the context of Sarcophagus, a "Curse" represents a contract agreement between nodes and users for monitoring a DMS. If the node fails to comply, their bond will be slashed.

Simpler Terminology in V2

To make the platform more accessible, Sarcophagus V2 will employ more common terms to help users who aren't familiar with the embalming process of a historical sarcophagus tomb. However, the original terms will still be referenced to explain processes more clearly in a comparative manner and will remain engrained in the code the dApp is built on.


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