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RSS3 To Explore Data On Lens’ Protocol’s Momoka To Train Its AI Model

RSS3 said it has integrated Lens Protocol’s Momoka with its artificial intelligence open platform (AIOP) to allow the extraction of Web3 data to train its AI model, the information dissemination protocol, RSS3 announced on Wednesday.

This comes one month after RSS3 presented Model 1, an AI model it says could be used to query, analyse, understand and generate content from blockchain data.

Model 1, instead of a single AI model, is actually an aggregation of multiple AI models. At the moment, this is the only way to enable a unified interface to support different interactive querying tasks, said Henry Wang, chief technology officer at RSS3.

Momoka, which itself was launched early May, is the latest data source RSS3 is adding to the AIOP platform. Momoka was created by Lens Protocol who leveraged on one of Arweave’s peculiar features which includes cheap storage on a decentralised network and Bundlr’s ability to make storing data on the blockweave faster to build Web3 social media with the capacity to scale at almost the same level of efficiency as Web2 social mediums.

Momoka joins other Web3 data sources in the AIOP including Arbitrum, Arweave, Avalanche, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Celo, Fantom, Optimism and Polygon.

Wang said everything on Lens Protocol is being used to train Model 1 and that the data would be made available for users to train their own models.

Image: RSS3

Wang listed the data that are used to train Model 1 to include text data from social platforms; DeFi trading and other transactional behaviours such as tokens and NFTs; relationship between wallets.

Virtually every bit will be used for training after data processing (cleaning). For now, we focus on the text data and we are experimenting with the inclusion of image, audio and video, the CTO said.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming popular and attracting interest and spurring competition among top companies such as Microsoft and Open AI with ChatGPT, Google with Bard, Alibaba with Tongyi Qianwen. There are reports that Amazon may have plans to develop its AI technology.

Web3 firms are not left out of the race to get a piece of the emerging AI technology. RSS3 is reported to be one of the first Web3 firm to explore the benefits that come with merging the third evolution of the internet with AI. With the growing adoption of Web3 comes massive data that could open the path for new innovation and use cases.


Adeola is a journalist at Arweave News. As a former freelance journalist, his works were published by Newlines Magazine, The Continent and the Mail and Guardian. He has interest in the intersection of technology and human lives.

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