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RSS3 Plans To Intersect OpenAI ChatGPT Model And Blockchain Data

Open Web information dissemination platform, RSS3 said that it plans to expand to be a Web3 data source for OpenAI's ChatGPT, a conversational artificial intelligence tool and make on-chain data available to train GPT models, a move which is one of the first to intersect emerging technologies - AI and blockchain.

Joshua Meteora, RSS3's founder, told Permaweb News that the firm is regularly looking to explore new channels to distribute information and that it sees an opportunity in ChatGPT's inability to provide information on decentralised networks such as Arweave and Ethereum.

"Conversational AI has been introduced for years but recent advancements of ChatGPT has shown how influential it could be. We at RSS3 would love to see how we can utilise this promising new channel to better help the information flow of the open web," Meteora said, adding that RSS3 will be supporting this part of information and bring it to any AI model to understand, process and even reflect on the data.

RSS3 created an AI Open Platform to benefit from ChatGPT’s growing popularity and positioned it as a source of data and training platform for the AI tool. ChatGPT is an advanced form of artificial intelligence powered by a large language model called GPT-3 and a more advanced model GPT-4. It is programmed to understand human language and generate responses based on huge bodies of data.

On-chain activities carried out with wallet addresses in the Web3 ecosystem including non-fungible token purchase and sale and other crypto-based transactions can be searched with RSS3.

“We expect the result to be astonishing – where a GPT and RSS3-powered model will be to access, process, and even reflect on matters in the world of the OpenWeb…,” RSS3 stated in a tweet, adding that could lead to GPT being able to generate decentralised application ideas; predict some trends; guess which NFT might become popular.


Adeola is a journalist at Arweave News. As a former freelance journalist, his works were published by Newlines Magazine, The Continent and the Mail and Guardian. He has interest in the intersection of technology and human lives.

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