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RSS3 Presents World's First AI Model Trained On Blockchain

Information dissemination protocol, RSS3 on Wednesday presented Model 1, an AI model trained on Web3 data at the Hongkong Web3 Festival, describing it as the world’s first display of the power of Web3 and AI towards the flow of information.

Model 1 was trained on RSS3’s AI Open Platform (AIOP) which is a low-code AI training platform that is powered by Open Web data. In a blog released early this week, RSS3 said it expects a surge in AI models and the AIOP will ensure decentralised network data is utilised fairly and that profits are distributed equitably.

At the presentation, Joshua Meteora, RSS3 founder asked Model 1 a series of questions including what Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin has been doing in the Web3 space, most popular tokens and what the price of Bitcoin will be by the end of the year.

...Together, Web3 and AI have the potential to revolutionise how we access and interact with information online. They can help us break free from centralised platforms controlled by large tech companies and give us more control over our data…, Model 1 replied when asked if it had anything to say to the audience at the presentation.

Coinwire quoted Meteora as saying that trained AI models could be used in various applications and Model 1 serves as an example of a functioning AI assistant.

It provides personalised conversations and recommendations and even make price predictions, Meteora said.

Meanwhile, RSS3 is already attracting investors. This week, it raised $10 million via token sale to Web3 investor DWF Labs, according to CoinDesk.

DWF Labs’ Managing Partner Andrei Grachev was quoted to have said that: “We believe RSS3 is perfectly positioned to empower developers to create diverse, cutting-edge applications that will redefine how we interact with the Web3 ecosystem.”


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